Ticket no.052620201123 the importance of equality

Chanel de Paris JC Angelcraft May 26, 2020.  Equality is an urgent matter.  Abolishing atheism, satanism and white supremacy is a priority. These have created great disparity among us and work to keep us sick. Today we are going to talk about survival economies

The Parable of an Important Man  

There once lived an important man. He was a politician and had a business and family and helped out his community. Having the opportunity to pray for people in other countries he refused.  He believed in God, died and was buried.  No one but his family would remember his name and his importance was forgotten.  His soul was resurrected and returned back to live in a new body on the earth.  He had forgotten his past life and had to start all over again.       This time he grew up in a country that he hated in his previous life.  It was so poor, when the man grew up again, he became an activist.  Instead of living a nice life, the man suffered, died and was buried.  Had the world solved the problems of inequality he might have not have suffered so much.

Survival economies

A survival economy is the product and result of extreme racism, occult and atheist activity inside any country. The survival economy is expressed and defined differently in every country.  In poor countries , the “survival economy,” is part of every day life and the only economy poor people have. Terrorists are working to destroy even survival economies.  By supporting the COVID-19 conspiracy you are doing the same thing.  Say no to the COVID-19 conspiracy. WHO The World Health Organization Emergency Service in Spanish called Public Health, can be translated into any language.

In some countries, the police and the government are threatening people and businesses to wear masks. Until terrorism is purged from government, if they tell you wear mask to protect yourself then wear a mask. Every conspiracy against you is being judged by God who is giving you justice daily.  May God’s Holy Spirit save the good people daily.


Ticket no.050920200520 The challenges of the fashion are easy to fix


Chanel de Paris JC Angelcraft May 9, 2020. It is  embarrassing that after nine years of justice that I have still have to write about these things. As the pressures of terrorism continue to push against society and myself and intruding on matters of business I have no choice but to continue my prosecution of today’s terrorists conspiracy where it may exist.  I will try be as tasteful as possible but how can I think about being be elegant while sailing in a sea of corruption not of my own making. I once said that terrorism is like trying to do business on a sinking ship and terrorist thinking that their ship is not going sink.

The challenges of the fashion industry are basic and easy to overcome.  They are challenges, obstacles, and economic barriers of created by a conspiracy which affected business and government as well.   Welcome to Chanel de la Mode Paris JC Angelcraft always a work in progress.  JC Angelcraft predicts a greater musical future for the fashion industry and better use of music, art, the talents, personality and character of models to better sales.   We see a greater merger between models and labels and free education and encouraging education to all young people who work or want to work in the business.

To better sales in fashion we must not promote any kind of conspiracy and several are percieved.  First there is the feminine men or confused gender identity men and women conspiracy.  I am all for helping and supporting confused gender identity men and women, but we can love them and accept them without making it a stage act, a charity or a fashion trend.  We can love and accept confused gender identity men and women and help them to heal without making them targets or people who are used by the conspiracy to keep a homosexual conspiracy in motion.   Confused gender identity men and women can get free counseling and help in many places so do not ask the public to donate money to problems the conspiracy has created. Psychology, employment, education, social support and good religion are the solution for Confused gender identity men and women and not a charity.   Confused gender identity men and women do not need to be made a spectacle.  

All cult and conspiracy activity hurt sales in fashion. 99 percent of the world’s population avoid buying from labels because conspiracy activity. The occult is a very esoteric small audience.  Its not like it used to be.  Marketing to the occult is not longer profitable.  It used to be with rich businessmen of the occult controlling large sums of money, but no more.  This is why you see many people scrambling to raise money.  No one will finance or pay for cult operations, like rich businessmen of the occult used to. You see alot of donation signs everywhere and money raising activity everywhere and they seem to stand out more than ever now.

If the gender identity problem is not enough, we also have  a conspiracy against women by men to create masculine women.  It has been stopped,  however, we must continue to work to protect women from this conspiracy.  This conspiracy sparked a femincide movement  and serial killer craze among men of the conspiracy and the statistics are very high.  An aspect of this conspiracy by men is to make women unnatractive.  The conspiracy tries to infect women using steroids to make them more masculine or thyroids to make them more fat.  Women around the world have thyroids.  How else could that happen if it were not a conspiracy.  When the conspiracy discovered steroids and thyroids they synthesized them, experimented with them and harnessed them just like they did when they figured out to make strains from the common cold. Women should be careful with steroids. A good balanced diet and lots of exercise will give men or women the desired physical effects that they seek without the need to take steroids, especially if they are young. In sports they take them, but we want women of fashion and otherwise looking like Beauty Queens and not Mr. Universe.      

Another conspiracy against young boys and even other men by men has reached into the home.  Boys sent off to Univeristy returing not as they left.  In some cases they were spoiled even before by the father who himself was victimized by the conspiracy.  It is a negative social cycle and it has to stop. It produces much criminal activity.  Everyone should be familiar about my feelings against this sexual conspiracy, once called a sexual revolution, intended to create homosexuals from young boys starting at very young ages.  This conspiracy, associated with many crimes in government, business and life, is why we are in a great Judgment of God.  We need the help of God’s Holy Spirit to help us correct many problems that affect us around the world. In terms of fashion, I am not against men.  Men need clothes just like women do.  What I am against are conspiracies that undermine men and women of this planet.  I feel I have shown adequate support for men in this business and have shown more than enough tolerance and freedom to express, however the fashion business is about clothes style and artistic expression and it should never be used as a soapbox for any conspiracy to undermine the men and women of this planet for any reason.  On to better things.  

I can say many positive things about our fashion industry, things that I am very proud off.  Fashion is a great canvass and an extension of the human drama a stage where men and women can express the beauty, style, and the good things of life. Armani’s Laboratorio is one such example of an artistic vision and style which will dominate in this business.

Despite our successes, however, we still have problems.  The fashion industry needs to rethink itself and allow itself to be a voice for the male and cult and government conspiracies which exist in this life.  Life is not reflected well by those hidden expressions of racial and satanic philosophies which traffic and kill children, women and men.  Fashion’s greatest mistake is  the imposing of many immoral assumptions on the public that do not belong this business. In light of the social problems that we have experienced these last 70 years such as the male attacks on young boys, other men and women and add to this the insensitive male sexualizing of the fashion Industry for other men, in the fashion business, this industry is far from what it could be.  Cultish thinking and conspiracies are the reason for lack of sales to a greater market of men and women worldwide. 

Lots of guys including myself were led to believe that the sexual revolution was about the hippies and Jesus. I thought it was about living in peace and harmony. I thought the sexual revolution was about love and women and women’s rights and more sex between men and women. My world was very heterosexual and I had to figure out that the sexual revolution was not all what I thought and that people,especially young men, women, wives and the family unit were hurt by the sexual revolution.  Sex is not supposed hurt people and so the sexual revolution was a fraud and many crimes resulted from it. For you men and people who are innocent make sure to take time to study, to read and to learn about the world which called down the judgement of God.  A man’s life is as important to God’s Holy Spirit as a woman’s.   Men, I want you be men, be courageous men, be penitent men, be smart and intelligent men, be  gentlemen and learn of my work and my love for women and the problems they have had with the sexual conspiracy.  I encourage all men to love women and to learn to love and protect them and children from the violent systems and conspiracies that work to hurt them. My peace I give you and may the Peace of God’s Holy Spirit which surpasses all understanding be also with you.