080417 Wigs, rugs, hares, and hairs

Trying to find some peace and happiness away from the ho-hum of everyday life, I looked for Fanny my short-hair smooth-coat pepper-coat  spotted-belly white breasted brush-tail forest-tabby and she was nowhere to be found.

I was desperate for some pet-care relief so I looked for a little hare on the Internet and discovered wigs.  I said to myself, “this not my locker,” and I moved on looking for a rabbit and found one but she was in someone elses  hands.

So I set out to find another little Hare,

I looked here and I looked there and I looked everywhere and I could not find a Hare at least one that I liked, but Wigs yes Big Hair was everywhere.

Little hares can be so difficult to find especially just the right one, but who can find Wig when one needs one? Certainly not me.   But it was then that I realized that when you don’t need Hair, Wigs come out of everywhere.

Its hard to describe, but the need for a little hare yes a little bunny to pass a few moments away in ones life and can sometimes be like journey into ones emotional nature.  My friend Maury from Maury’s wigs says I might be getting soft in my old age. Perhaps.

But ask a woman who struggles with her (hare) either way or even a man with a rug how difficult one (hare) either way can be to find?

I am going to bald I know it.

Man and Hare’s worst fear is going bald, though going bald for some people is not altogether a bad thing, but the trouble that it must take some one to always be bald.

I look to my search inside my google images and still I can find no Hare.

If you suffer from Hare-loss or animal care in your life please visit   JC Angelcraft Animal Rights Channel.  Maybe…just maybe you will find a Hare there.  If not try Maury’s Wigs

On second thought maybe is not a good time to visit Maury.

Talking about wigs lets talk Hares and lets talk Hairs. Wigs are big in the fashion world yes they are.  Wigs are huge and so are Hares these days even Hares who have rights so they say.

Hares? rights?  To whom shall I write the check out to?  Try All about Wigs Fashion   at Wigs is Fashion or even the Wig Warehouse.  I bet you didn’t even know places like this existed.  Look up Wigs on Internet and even Youtube and you will not be disspointed.

Your mouth must be watering by now for a good hare, maybe even big hare.  I like big hares and I like the wig business,  but few seem as glamorous as GLAMOUROUZ  exquisite International wigs.

Most people ponder International when it comes to wigs, but a Mexican Hare is just as good as a Chinese Hare to me.  I mean how different can they be?   I bet in a bowl they both taste exactly the same.

Personally I do not think big Hares should be eaten rather big Hares should be cuddled just like big poodles if you can find just the right ones and if you do find a dealer or seller can make sure their hares have big ears, or else they may not satisfy

Like Wigs,  Hares are important though a small technical difference separates the two.   The difference no matter how small,  is like night and day like Birds and Bees or Fowls and Honey.  Did I say Fowls?

Fowls? Fouls?  In Hindu terms, Technical (Fowls) either way you spell it sometimes happen in life and they can be pretty tasty when they do.

For those of you not familiar with technical fouls, It is like when a girl gets away with something but you still find yourself loving her.

Girls who do not to wear wigs buy wigs all the time.  So do men so do not underestimate the wig business or even the Dutch, they cover a good part of the Americas as do the Spanish which brings us back to wigs.  Wigs cover a good part of your head which is like a continent.

Jesus did you see that girl pluck that fowl after breaking its neck? Jesus.  But I still loves Quails and so do most you who love Wigs.  JCANGELCRAFT