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A flower is the scent of a woman, each one is different and uniquely distinguishing. Rose Blends VII Parfums for Women combine the Science of Flower fragrance of the particular Rose or Flower that through color carries actual scents associated with the color and type of rose or flower.  With a drop of enhancement blended in with her Ph Balance of her Skin makes the scent different just for her and defines her unique personality and like a fingerprint is signature to the human hand so is the scent of a womans natural body oder and even the same flower of the same color will come of differently on each woman combine her own special PH Balance with the her flower choice. Her recipe is then stored in our computers vault and is available only to her and each women should want to keep her scent unique and others using it will not produce the same allure of attraction of the original women’s DNA perfume. Free flowers and Chocolate by local floreston her favorite flower are included in her custom-made perfume just for her.  It will forever be a patented Top secret chemical process and that is at the moment in the experimental stage for each formula.  DNA Parfums …by JC Angelcraft natures wonder and beauty of the scents of amethyst and myrrh ….. Welcome to JC Angelcraft Paris a moment of writing for future applications  everything begins at JC Angelcraft 

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