Early collections

The first collection by DOLCE & GABBANA was shown in October 1985 alongside five other up-and-coming Italian labels as part of Milan Fashion Week.

At that time D&G was barely afloat and could not afford to hire models or provide accessories for them, so they sought help from their friends proving true the saying that having real friends can pay off.

But where to find a real friend when you need money?

Money and its place in one’s life and mutual respect for money is often what separates friends from friends.  And then there is time?  Giving of ones valuable time is for me far more costly and more personal than money.

So the new D&G models (their friends) simply wore their personal items to complement the clothing to cover accessories.

For this event, the new designer brand used a cotton sheet that Dolce that had previously served as a stage curtain.

Thus their first collection was born and called  “Real Women”  in gratitude to the models who helped.

Sales from the first collection was not enough causing Gabbana to cancel the fabric order they’d put in to create their second collection.

However, Dolce’s family offered to help meet their costs.  There is nothing like family.    JCANGELCRAFT

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