Paris June 26, 1837

My Dearest Virgina

I received your letter just the other day and I am delighted you have chosen America as the place to where you will practice medicine.

Despite your inquests,  I myself am still not sure where my career will take me, but I have no doubts that God has called me to be a doctor like my Father.

And if there was ever any doubts in me as to how to ply my trade, it was when I was a little girl as  to what I should do with the left over parts of my frog experiments or what I should wear on Christmas day.? But now that I am and have become I doctor as you so well know and I shall confess to you what you have always known about me and somehow I shall resurrect my father’s spirit through some might interpret my jests as monstrous. ….

Mary’s Letters © all rights reserved JC Angelcraft





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