…when I could in fact unveil to them the musteries of life and death – JC Angelcraft 

Marys notes:  My study of the brain took many years to understand and to think of this science during the times of Plato as my father would so likely have it, it feels a bit to me preposterous thinking of the crude instruments used by men just beginning to learn the science.

It pains me that I cannot better impart my discoveries with other doctors who would make me a nurse if not a wife barefoot and pregnant doing nothing more than giving them children when I could in fact unveil to them the mysteries of life and death.  Men can be so stupid.

I look at my Father’s diagrams with awe and wonder and even dread as he writes about the wrrior cannibals from New Zealand who eat the brains of their dearly departed to retain their wisdom after they have died and wonder what use is this to anyone but some gypsy doctor in some part of the arctic world where there are no hospitals or food to eat.

The average doctors can be such presumptions monsters and such egoists and so many lacking a great of detail in their autopsies very unlike my father who spent many an hour pondering over the brains of one John Doe wondering what part the brains played in resurrecting a man back to life.


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