Ticket no 092120171141 Life, its joy and its happiness is a day to day affair

Chanel de Paris Le bureau de JCAngelcraft Sept. 21, 2017:   I am amazed about how positive I can be under the circumstances. Life, its joy and its happiness is a day to day affair that can consume us to greater accomplishments or in its worst expression devour us to defeat and misery.  The outcomes of every moment in life depend on what we let into our lives every day.  Do you let darkness or light in your lives? Most people prefer the light for one cannot see in the darkness.  It is important to have a willingness to fight against the destructive forces, those forces that reveal themselves when opposed by good people.  They are forces in direct opposition to the light of creation and the hand of the creator which counts for much in the fashion world a blessed industry that people involved in it should be thankful to be let in, even working in a small store that sells unknown lables in an unknown part of the world where across the street sit crazy people who cannot seem to make their lives work inside care facilities.hen something is seriously wrong in our lives even the most beautiful surroundings and colors can’t take the away the awful feeling we ourselves have created by investing into negative energy or darkness.

And so no matter what color you chose for the day or what color you paint your house or your room and no matter how many books you read about being better person, if you do not isolate the problem in your life that is causing you misery and take responsibility for changing your life, your condition can only be superficially healed for a short time and you may find yourself frustrated with color, sound, literacy and the creative processes.

Finding peace with yourself requires more than just understanding darkness, light, color, structure and the divinity of music, myrrh and textiles which are as old as Samaria.

Finding peace with others is part of your inner peace and a lesson learned can be found the good Samaritan an old Zoroastrian parable.

When you lose inner peace and the creative muse it is time to learn to solve your problems and you have to be honest with yourself and others and follow the steps that you know you must follow to return to yourself that self-esteem that you yourself allowed to be taken from you by others who led you down a path of darkness the color of depression.

When you feel down or depressed sing a little song to yourself like this one.    Music and even simple musical jingles can help to cheer us and also awaken us to the greater feelings the Mahayana feelings that we need to experience and process honestly before delving into the Hinayana issues which make up the detailed constructs of our life.  Prayer and repentance also helps with depression.

These simple yet effective teachings as well add color and meaning to our lives and are music to our ears and are a light unto our path with concern to self-governance. And self-governance is what life is all about.  But details are what make fashions’ greater perspective more desirable and in fashion everything starts with basics in color and music which if done right with our whole soul we curry the blessing and the favor of our generous muse.

Thoughts about Maternity are never far from me and how we dress our women when they are carrying life is important to me. JC Angelcraft

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