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JC Angelcraft Paris February 24. 2018 What is man that should be mindful of him?  The stars are ordered to be like candles unto you.  They light the night sky like torches light a road to lead men and women back to the knowledge of you.

What is man that should be mindful of him? Who is man that you should care for him through such great torments and tempests that life can sometimes bring’.  Man is your son and there to be company with you that your motherliness might be served.  You are God, lo a Godess! The Queen of Angels to the pious and of all mankind.

What is fashion but the confirmation of our need to cover ourselves? When you told us the garden not to eat of the forbidden fruit, we failed you and awoken, we noticed we were naked.  Such are the results of our sin.  Pray for your children oh Queen of the Angels and help not to sin.  Help us great one.  Help us to repent when we have strayed.  Help us to pray, when darkness wishes to consume us.  Help us learn to please you.  Be forever our muse  so we can learn to live and dress for everyday life.

Estée Lauder A Day in the Life of Photographer Alice Gao F2d @ JCAngelcraft Paris