Ticket no.052620201123 the importance of equality

Chanel de Paris JC Angelcraft May 26, 2020.  Equality is an urgent matter.  Abolishing atheism, satanism and white supremacy is a priority. These have created great disparity among us and work to keep us sick. Today we are going to talk about survival economies

The Parable of an Important Man  

There once lived an important man. He was a politician and had a business and family and helped out his community. Having the opportunity to pray for people in other countries he refused.  He believed in God, died and was buried.  No one but his family would remember his name and his importance was forgotten.  His soul was resurrected and returned back to live in a new body on the earth.  He had forgotten his past life and had to start all over again.       This time he grew up in a country that he hated in his previous life.  It was so poor, when the man grew up again, he became an activist.  Instead of living a nice life, the man suffered, died and was buried.  Had the world solved the problems of inequality he might have not have suffered so much.

Survival economies

A survival economy is the product and result of extreme racism, occult and atheist activity inside any country. The survival economy is expressed and defined differently in every country.  In poor countries , the “survival economy,” is part of every day life and the only economy poor people have. Terrorists are working to destroy even survival economies.  By supporting the COVID-19 conspiracy you are doing the same thing.  Say no to the COVID-19 conspiracy. WHO The World Health Organization Emergency Service in Spanish called Public Health, can be translated into any language.

In some countries, the police and the government are threatening people and businesses to wear masks. Until terrorism is purged from government, if they tell you wear mask to protect yourself then wear a mask. Every conspiracy against you is being judged by God who is giving you justice daily.  May God’s Holy Spirit save the good people daily.