Ticket 01202019032 Clair d lune

Clair de lune, the pale blue moon, the light of night and the color of a white rose.  The moonlight bright its fullness come through many days and rainy nights.

Clair de lune.

On a clear moonlit night transparent and pale its blush giving its light my Clair de lune is there.

Unclouded and phased is the sun of the night a hymn to thee my Clair de lune. Loyal to ships that sail the night a distant friend of man and kind to all who see her is the Clair de lune.

Both shadow and light the color of the books of fright my Clair de lune a pale white ghost.

She is brilliant and radiant and an intelligent host not at just anyones beck and call my Clair d lune.

A gail of light on a windswept sandy beach that raises up the sea each night my Clair de lune above me hovers.

A pale clear orb of lovers whose kisses make it glow, her reflection kindles softly afore the snow my Clair de lune,

Decorated or elaborate it makes no difference for this pearl of wisdom that comes from God my Clair de lune,

Simple and ordinary and like an eclair, soft like a donut a small round–shaped pastry filled with cream and laced with chocolate and a cherry-red-berry on its top is my Clair de lune.

A song and a company my Claire de Lune who shares the letters of the moon that like your souls and this world mean everything to me.

Clair d lune….its colors and styles like its compositions flow into the eternal nature of cosmetics.

Clair d lune the next day by JC Angelcraft for  Claire and Miss Claire Cosmetics



Ticketet no. 012020180038 Vogue Elle Fanning Fan Fantasy

Chanel de Paris JC Angelcraft  Jan 20, 2018. I believe we all agree that Elle Fanning is a great talent.  Many of our girls have the capacity to be as successful as Elle, but she has been in show business since she was a child.  As Elle so well knows is life is not easy even for the most talented actresses and models.  I wish Elle, her mother and father, the town Sheriff,  the absolute best always hoping that her best interests are represented by business.  I care about all my girls and the people in the business, but we have a lot finer points to work on.