Ticket 01202019032 Clair d lune the next day by JC Angelcraft for Claire and Miss Claire Cosmetics

Clair de lune, the pale blue moon, the light of night and the color of a white rose.  The moonlight bright its fullness come through many days and rainy nights. Clair de lune.

On a clear moonlit night transparent and pale its blush giving its light my Clair de lune is there.

Unclouded and phased is the sun of the night a hymn to thee my Clair de lune.

Loyal to ships that sail the night a distant friend of man and kind to all who see her is the Clair de lune.

Both shadow and light the color of the books of fright my Clair de lune a pale white ghost.

She is brilliant and radiant and an intelligent host not at just anyones beck and call my Clair d lune.

A gail of light on a windswept sandy beach that raises up the sea each night my Clair de lune above me hovers.

A pale clear orb of lovers whose kisses make it glow, her reflection kindles softly afore the snow my Clair de lune,

Decorated or elaborate it makes no difference for this pearl of wisdom that comes from God my Clair de lune,

Simple and ordinary and like an eclair, soft like a donut a small round–shaped pastry filled with cream and laced with chocolate and a cherry-red-berry on its top is my Clair de lune.

A song and a company my Claire de Lune who shares the letters of the moon that like your souls and this world mean everything to me.

Clair d lune….its colors and styles like its compositions flow into the eternal nature of cosmetics.

Clair d lune the next day by JC Angelcraft for  Claire and Miss Claire Cosmetics


Ticket 01202018 Clair de lune

Le bureau de JCAngelcraft ® 1 Rue de la Bastille January 20, 2018
Clair de lune, the pale blue moon, the light of night and the color of a white rose.
Clair de lune, the moonlight bright its fullness come through many rainy days and nights.
Transparent and pale its blush gives its light.
Clair de lune, outstanding is this sun of the night
Loyal to ships who harbor at night, a lighthouse beacon from the sea.
Both shadow and light she is the color of the books of fright.
Clair de lune,
Brillant and radient, an intelligent host not at just anyone’s beck and call.
Clair d lune, a gail of light on a windswept beach that raises up the sea.
Clair d lune, the pale clear orb of lovers whose kisses make it glow.
Clair de lune, decorated or elaborate it makes no difference for this pearl of wisdom that comes from God.
Clair de lune, simple and ordinary and like an eclair, soft like a donut a small round-shaped pastry filled with cream and laced with chocolate and a cherry-red-berry on its top.
Clair d lune a song and company who shares its letters that like your souls and this world mean everything to me.
Clair d lune, its colors and style mean everything and like its compositions flow into the eternal nature of cosmetics.
Clair d lune
JC Angelcraft for  Claire and Miss Claire Cosmetics

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Ticket no. 112620171246 Caring about Chanel and my Chanel girls

Paris France 26th of November 2017 Good morning, Good Afternoon and Good evening each in your part of the world.   We are in rain gear and in rain season in some parts of the world.  Thank God for those yellow and orange plastic thingies we get to wear on rainy days and thank God for Chanel rain attire for women.

I lost a tooth the other day.  Just like a little kid might.  It just fell out.  There was no pain, no tooth-ache, it just popped as if I was a snot-nose little kid.  I remember being a kid and going to the dentists and the dentist telling my mom that I had three rows of teeth…oh yes I did just like Donald Ardichico from the the movie the Coneheads..

This posting is long in coming almost a month.  If anything, todays posting is one of thanksgiving.  I left a similar message at Chanel almost a month ago.  That is how busy I am.  I want to thank my girls and staff at Chanel and in all our brands for keeping things moving from articles and writing – to perfume, clothes, cosmetics and accessories.

All complaints and grievances against my employees aside,  I want to thank all our counter girls and employees for the excellent customer service you provide and its you who make our fashion Industry a complete and rewarding experience.     I want to thank our writers as well.  I think that nothing in Fashion is more important than writing and what we write.  Even in life writing is so very important. Every publishing matters which somehow brings to todays case and point.


I am of the opinion that the entire fashion industry is tied up in Chanel with their hearts and minds wholly vested.  Nothing moves without Chanel a way of life and truth in fashion and all there is, is truth; so a Chanel girl once said to me.

And all models no matter how they started always look to Chanel who is an Industry leader in so many ways and we all have each other to thank for that @ CHANEL

All Fashion Labels and Designer Brands owe a bit of gratitude for Chanel’s style that lends and weaves itself through the entire Fashion Industry sometimes hardly noticed.



Each of my girls at Chanel is like a company owner and treats the company as if they owned it and I like that.  Being a Chanel associate is important.

Chanel is part of everyday life for women around the world and many brave the waters of the greatest shopping venues in the world and daily sail the winds of fate only the end to find themselves in front of one our Chanel counters.

Chanel belongs to us and together we are going keep her great and on top.   If anything Chanel represents our Lady Chanel and I do not mean Coco Chanel may God bless her too.   Our lady Chanel  is the spirit of Woman the God of Fashion  who muses her way through our hearts, minds and spirits.  Even Givenchy consulted her oh yes he did.

Chanel girls are powerful and inspired by Spirit of Woman.  There is nothing in this world, not one problem a Chanel Girl cannot work through or fix.


Chanel girls are the best.  Thanks to my girls at Chanel their great shows and all our support I feel comfortable with the fashion business.  Chanel is like a great ship.  If the world of fashion collapsed we could survive living inside the Chanel an Industry ark if ever there was one.  She’s a fine ship and very sea worthy capable of surviving in the turbulant oceans of the retail fashion world.


Looking at Chanel girls gets me through difficult fashion days which I do not dare try to describe or I might ruin this beautiful bright and sunny Chanel calendrical day.   A Chanel calendrical day is any day after the first monday of each month and every day after the second Tuesday in the first week of any calendrical 28-31 day period.   A Chanel calendrical day is composed of 24 hours and can also fall on the first Wednesday of every month that follows every first or second Thursday.

Fridays at Chanel are all also very special.  A calendrical Chanel Friday is observed  between every calendrical Thursday and every calendrical Sunday before a standard Chanel calendrical day.   If you have trouble remembering this just make sure to bookmark it. but do not worry if you forget.


I leave you now with blessings, warm hugs and handshakes and few words worth repeating.

Chanel is Love.  She is the pearl of great price that is not for sale.  Nothing meaningful is for sale these days.  That is because we are in the processes of helping to save our world together with God’s help.

Chanel is hope to any girl in a fashion crises who can always look at Chanel videos and always seems to have something in her wardrobe that resembles Chanel product that she might not have in her Chanel wardrobe.

Chanel are the details, the Hinayana of Fashion. Chanel singular or plural, Hinayana or Mahayana, a never-ending chain of events and conclusions that lead women through the labyrinth of the world that is fashion towards greater thoughts of accessories, styles and even brands; to arrive a perfect Chanel personal decision for their lives and a solution when facing the dilemma what today they will wear.

Chanel is fashion scripture. Chanel is every girls hope and every woman’s best companion.

Chanel is friendly and helpful to those who seek her guidance and assistance.  Chanel is that bright beautiful smile on every girls face.    Speaking of beautiful, I am going to miss seeing Vittoria Cerretti’s article as the first post but we can always turn back the pages here to find her or simply press this special Vittoria Cerreti button on any given Chanel calendrical 24 hour period on our Earths Orbital axis in any given Chanel calendrical month of a standard CHANEL calenderical year that falls on every year between leap years.    Hopefully always JC Angelcraft @ Paris




Someone once said, I used to think that a muse was like a fairy that whispered in your ear, you know one of those sexy little tinker bells girls in a short skirt who look like cheerleaders such as Elle Woods or the Elle Fanning  fairy whom people love so much even possibly that Marlyland-Betty we know as Alicia Sylverstone

A muse. hmmmm, why is our muse so special.  Well first of all she is special because she is everywhere and in everything and sometimes the blessing is inside our own eyes and is a very personal blessing.  This attention to detail of our spirits by our muse is why creativity, commerce and business is so successfull.

Fashion Week is upon us.

Fashion week is always upon us with beautiful gorgeous women blessing our eyes with pouty lips and faces like little girls in need of daddy’s attention and affections.  What more could we ask for in this world?

Looking at fashion magazines I notice that Vanity Fair‘s lineup seems at times to bring out the best in the designers who create clothes for them or with them in mind.  Then as you pick up each different magazine its muse comes to life with fashion relationships compounding on fashion relationships.

Such is the way of the muse.

In the absence of talent and the blessing then a muse is “. . . someone or something who is blessed that lights a spark and get things moving.”

A muse is magical,  like the magic that happened when Audrey Hepburn met Hubert Givenchy.

Talented designers and the women who inspire them have created “musical” pairings  an energy so irresistable that without knowing they created fashion history.

Perhaps the greatest pairing of all time is the Hepburn/Givenchy relationship.

Then there is that of: Millicent Rogers and Charles James. Millicent certainly fit the gorgeous, skinny, somber requirement, but she was more than another Ideal women who made shine James’s fashions.

Millicent’s own taste and style often directed and invariably influenced the designers she worked with. Millicent pushed James to create what she wanted and perhaps was the cause of his success and the reason their relationship produced such great fashion sense. Their relationship began in 1930 when Millicent went to London with a group of friends to see a talked-about young designer named Charles James.

They say that Millicent’s name became paired with his at the height of his fame when she functioned as both his patron and muse.  But a good designer should need no human muse, unless it’s the spirit of woman in the flesh which is a whole different proposal.   That is why our muse is so special.

In the quickly changing world of twenty-first century fashion, it is hard to imagine the influence that a few key and highly respected fashion designers wielded in their time.  However, it is not hard to imagine that Fashion could not be successful without some sort of blessing from our blessed tender Holy Spirit

To keep our minds on beauty and color from pitty and compassion our Muse weaves in and out of a fashion world making sure God’s favor is seen in one or more designers through the collective of efforts of people dedicated to peace and beauty.

The fashion business would not exist if not for God. God, people and the human spirit are what keep alive designer brands.

After World War II, fashion became even more important  and Charles James was back then considered a giant, an innovator on the tip of every fashionable woman’s tongue in the forties and fifties.

His sculpted party dresses created in lavish fabrics and inventive colors was his signature.  His coats and capes trimmed with fur and embroidery also left their mark in fashion history but where is his work today?  Does anyone even care anymore?  Many names from his era are still around and his name is still around but his label has yet again to make a come back and the label has to confront Carolina Herrera and Oscar de la Renta and shoot directly for the top and nothing less will do.


It has also been noted that James was one of the oddest and most difficult personalities in the legends of fashion history.  Men of genius are often difficult.  They also inspire critics often say things in compliment that if they knew what they were talking about, they would retract their statesment.

One reviewer called him “kissed by the furies.”    God forbid. That is like being tapped by fates and drawn into a whirlwind relationship only later be dropped into some fashion folder and forgotten by the very people you helped rise to the top.

Despite all in the life of this kind and peaceful man there was Millicent who tamed James with her matchless manner; soothing, demanding and yet flattering. She always got what she asked for.  A good woman always does and their relationship was considered one of the most famous and fruitful designer-client collaborations in American fashion history.   Her tender kiss upon his work is what kept him going.


Oh him Cherri Burns wrote, “His first design for her was a nightgown, a “deshabille” of white and rose organdy trimmed with lace and biscuit colored ribbons when she was hospitalized with a bout of her recurring heart ailment. Instinctively he understood style and finery as a tonic for her morale. “

In all James created more than 45 original designs for Millicent, and her financial patronage was essential to his business success in the late 1940s.  Millicent was the prototype modern woman.

James passed away in 1978.  He has been born again and may even be in a business  unrelated to fashion. …aughh the horror to even think of not being involved in the fashion business,  

During his life as Charles James shared much with his wife Nancy who  explained, “Millicent Rogers inspired him more than anyone and that he felt that Millicent could help him to resolve a design when he wasn’t certain how to finish it.”

James was direct in his own admiration of Millicent and wrote to her in one letter writing,

“…when you came into my house everyone at once knew what they were to do, and how to do it. And that special quality of bringing out people’s work at its best was what gave you a special rating.”  

James’s crediting and kind and specially tender words of Millicent is what today has today brought his memory back and to the pages of JC Angelcraft Paris. We need more kind words about each other and less jealously.  At least that’s the I see things. JC Angelcraft