Mary’s Letters

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Welcome to Mary’s Letters at JC Angelcraft Paris one of many projects currently in motion. Here you may read a sample of the work and we are still working on the format. There are many things to consider. Mary’s Letters were written by Jose Maria Chavira M.S. nome de plume JC Angelcraft as a way of grabbing peoples attentions to the creative fiction possibilities that exist.   He has hired no one to represent him on this or any of his books and what you see here right now will always be available for free. Mary’s Letters may be added to, edited, fixed or changed by him only when he has time.     

Mary’s Letters by JC Angelcraft

Chapter 01  A letter to Virginia

Chapter 02  Dearest Mary

Chapter 03 Dr. Dolittles Letter

Chapter 04  Mary’s Treasure Chest

Chapter 05 Wissenschaftsstadt

Chapter 06 The Dead Body of King William IV

Chapter 07  What Dream’s this monster must have had. 

Chapter 08 Mary’s Notes on the Brain

Chapter 09 A Recruitment letter from Florence Nightingale

Chapter 10 A Cry for Help  

Chapter 11 A draught in the Infermary

Chapter 12 The Viscountess

Chapter 13 Mary’s Letters 

Chapter 14 The Baby Elephant

Chapter 15 The Children’s Ward

Mary’s Letters © all rights reserved JC Angelcraft

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