Chapter 01 A letter to Virginia

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Chapter 01

A letter to Virginia


Paris June 26, 1837

My Dearest Virgina

I received your letter just the other day and I am delighted you have chosen America as the place to where you will practice medicine. Despite your inquests,  I myself am still not sure where my career will take me, but I have no doubts that God has called me to be a doctor like my Father. And if there was ever any doubts in me as to how to ply my trade, it was when I was a little girl as  to what I should do with the left over parts of my frog experiments or what I should wear on Christmas day.? But now that I am and have become a doctor as you so well know and I shall confess to you what you have always known about me and somehow I shall resurrect my father’s spirit through some might interpret my jests as monstrous. He left me with such a gaping hole in my heart when I was still young that my entire education is dedicated to bringing him back to life and that I shall do. If I remember anything about him was how kind he was to strangers working as a Doctor in China where as you know he died working among missionaries through the foreign service trying to cure a disease only to later to be accused posthumously of retiring to the most dreadful of tasks and medical occupations.

Well in any event, do you have any insights on the well preserved  Triocula discovery in the caves of Qumran?   The story just came in.  I wonder how the optic nerve in his center-eye tied into his brains and functioned amidst the theoretical criss-cross theory in nuerology? I mean,  we see almost as one with two eyes unless we close one of them and if you do it enough with each eye for long enough it kind of feels like you have a center eye. I was reading my fathers journal on the eyes and he said that the ACNS controls the visions pattern, but then again they were still doing blood-letting at the time of his theoretical medical assumptions some of which drive me crazy just reading them. All girls should be as lucky to have such a brilliant father but it hurts me to have gotten to know him growing up in the shadow of his diary which like a Ghost taunts and beckons me every day to read. In any event I would appreciate if you could give a friend from Medical School your insights on the optic nerve being that it was your specialty.

One last and very important matter.   King William died today and I was invited back to England to a study of his corpse which he bequeathed to science. I cannot believe that of all people and having such little use for the pomp of his office, would leave his body to the charge of bunch of common surgeons the likes of us who would leave a gaping cavity in a cemetery and desecrating good Christian burials all for the advancement of medicine which few priests understand,  know or appreciate.  Our work is important  and our research and experiments is to help extend the longevity of mankind who in Liverpool they say are not living past 40 years.  Somehow I feel that the men of secrecy from the governments of Europe have something to do with the fact people are dying at alarming rates.  But what are we to do but pray and wait patiently for the oncomming Judgment of God  and hope we are doing the right thing in the medical sciences.

Love tenderly  Mary S. Frankenstein M.D.


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