Chapter 10: From Dr. Dolittle

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Chapter 10:

From Dr. Dolittle


Liverpool March 22,  1939 The desk of  William Rathbone IV (Dr Dolittle). Dear Mary.  I sent a telegraph to you months ago but I never received word. I also had Florence write you. This is a cry for help letter.  Today I am writing you about a woman who is in your vicinity, her name is Jeanne Haze.  She is a Belgian Roman Catholic Nun of the order of Daughters of the Cross. I would go and visit her myself, but our Mother Superior tells me is quite stern and is as strict with women as she is with men. Liverpool is growing larger by the day and more sick are coming in daily. People from Wales and Mumbles are now finding their way to our Hospice not having adequate space in facilities where they live.  The purpose for this letter. We need battle hardened auxiliary nuns, and you are the only ambassador who I feel can represent us. Haze is smart and a survivor of the French Revolution and Frances Superior General. She was born in Liège in 1782 and is one of seven children. Her father served as the aide to the Prince-bishop who ruled the area and now he lives near you in Germany. This honorable and very chaste Nun since her childhood has developed and cultivated a strong devotion to the Rosary and to the Passion of Christ. We could use more of that here at Liverpool our mother Superior commented. At age four she could read and write and is quite brilliant. Throughout her life and during the war in France, Her honour and Superior General developed quite a reputation for the sufferings of the neediest people. Her mother died in 1820 and her Father is near death himself and you will probably find Haze by his side. Just three years ago the Dean of the Collegiate Church of Saint Bartholomew – asked her help in educating the girls of the area and those who suffer and she agreed so the chances look good. She just left the curate of the parish Jean-Guillaume to be with her Father so do not forget her relations and influence in Belgium is as important there as it is in Germany & France and if everything works out now in England as well. We need war-nun-nurses not afraid of rough men and large numbers of people. Haze, her piety and the success of the French Revolution is rumored to have inspired the King of Belgium to write a declaration of independence leading to the creation of the Kingdom of Belgium which allowed Jean to establish a Christian institution to offer free education to the poor. It seems like that penny-a-page writer you love so much is getting what he wants. May God save us. She is a good friend with a Diocesan Dutch Bishop named Cornelius Van Bommel bishop made the final approval of the project and by Gods’ grace the foundational documents were written. This is all very important to her as are her monastic faith and the Jesuit Order so if you can get a priest to accompany you it might carry more weight. It’s just a suggestion. In coordination with this letter, Her Royal Highness Victoria has dispatched a princess who volunteers here in the Children’s ward on part-time basis to accompany as your journey is going to take you through several military checkpoints.  Her Royal Highness the Viscountess Mary should arrive within a day or so of this letter. Make sure to study the photograph I have sent you so that you know what she looks like. The conditions in Liverpool have escalated. Factories and the promise of work have drawn families even from London. But the people are still dying here in Liverpool at unnatural ages and we are the only large facility next to those in London whom I hear is overwhelmed and taxed by Industrial growth as well.
The Viscountess is going to send a response by telegraph the moment the she arrives. Look for her at the gates to your estate and she will be arriving in a royal carriage and prefers to travel by horse. —Doolittle M.D.

Mary took her eyes off pages and looked at her timepiece. It was barely noon. She started cleaning her laboratory and collect her writings and notes on her research. She would take them with her. She was concerned now. Her monster’s three-eye diagram of the brain would have to wait.  Plagues have long been a problem in Europe ever since men learned how to use them and manipulate them for their wars and now another wave of disease and infection has arrived in Liverpool and by migration here it would seem London as well. Mary called her servants to prepare her carriage so she could travel in more comfort and request her Smith & Sons luggage to be prepared. She spoke to James & Bartholomew who would take turns driving and sent a telegraph to servents in her estate at the port of Saint Milo to await them to prepare quarters for the driver. To the time the Vice Countess shows up, she would spend times with her servants and her beloved animals.

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