The heat came from no where.  Another day without water.  The infirmary’s reserves were now vanquished and drinking water very scarce.  If it wasn’t for the infirmary’s War Nun’s the patients would be done for.  Tired of being victims of these draughts that had over the last ten years killed thousands, they purchased shovels after praying rosaries all night.  They were stretched and barely had enough nurses and needed more.

The Jewish Nurse Mary had stayed behind and pulled out her divining rod and began looking for a place for them to dig.  Having 10 minutes to spare Dr Doolittle made himself useful and accompanied Mary outside.

“Water usually flows near areas where Trees and vegetation grows.”  He spoke walking behind Mary who masterfully used the divining rod.

The Nuns had returned and found Mary off in the Distance beginning to Dig.  Dr Doolittle had returned to his patients.

” I think this is the spot.”  said Mary.

Greta took the delicate tree branch and felt the vibrations in her arms and agreed.

They took turns and start digging slightly off the main grounds when the man in a ragged soldier’s uniform bid them to stop.  

Greta was one of the infirmary’s Christian Nurses who had survived draughts in Germany and was experienced at handling the politics of these matters.

“The Queen’s command cannot be undone” she told the man and handed him the shovel, “If you get thirsty then start shoveling  faster.  I need to know who gave you your orders? she continued “we take our orders directly from the Queen.”

Greta looked at the man who looked like he was disturbed.  The man looked down and did not respond and simply kept digging and began taking to himself.   Greta left him.  She knew what was going on and did not insist on an answer.   Florence is going to supervise you.

“Yes Mam, I am bit thirsty myself”

“We have a liter of water can spare. I will go get it for you. Just keep digging.” said Florence

The maintenance men of the infirmary got word from Dr. Doolittle who told them the nuns purchased them brand new shovels and told them what needed to be done.

Over the next twenty-four hours the nurses would go into town which was quickly running dry to fetch water.  Men & Women were digging wells wherever they could and purchasing water on the black market from the men who controlled the well and who claimed it had gone dry.

As the man continued to dig Mary noticed a thirsty baby Doe watching from the distance looking for something.   She was too young to be by herself.  The draughts and diseases of the past had also affected the animals of the infirmary and the forest who depended on water in their troughs from the well. the doe had found a dirty puddle and began drinking.