Chapter 12 The Vice Countess 

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Chapter 12

The Vice Countess 

It was high noon at Frankenstein’s castle.  A group of people from Merkel who met with Mary left a check as a donation and in gratitude for her services and they scheduled her return lecture at Merkel.   “I don’t know how long I’m going to be” said Mary “But I promise to make touch.  If you could do one favor for me, I would appreciate it very much.  If you can keep up with the Vatican’s archeological report and save them for me, I would be most greatful.

“Natürlich” antwortete der Administrator. “Wir sind auch neugierig”

A gust of cold wind penetrated the house “He is quite fascinating,” returned Mary looking for her coat which was brought to her by Bartholomew her driver.  The group left, but the door remained open.  Outside there was more company. It was the Viscountess and she had succeeded in securing a couple of War Nuns and non other than Jeanne Haze herself was one of them.  The Bishop had explained to the Viscountess that in order to get more support Jean herself would have to go first and deliver a report. The heralds beckoned for the gates to open and when they did a small caravan of carriages moved inside together with a royal guard of 24 men.  It had taken them almost two weeks to get to Mary after visiting the ill father of Jean and securing her services.


“….the light of Jerusalem and protector of the church…”


A long heralding preceeded the viscountess.  After the herald finished announcing her Royal Highness she exited the carriage dressed like a Nun while the other Nuns waited.  In wars where the fates of men hang in the balance, war nuns are irresistible.  There are nothing in the world like them.  The Viscountess explained the situation and Mary agreed and did not expect her highness to show up with such resolve. This made her to question herself.  She looked over at Anka,  her key-keeper,  and told her to keep feeding the stray dogs that come by and that she might be longer than she supposed.  If Doolittle had showed up she would have felt trapped and in a corner and being forced to go, but it was royalty, nun-royalty and by the looks of things another heir to the coveted throne of Christ in England.  Outside, they looked at the Clysdales.  They were hearty horses, draught horses who now pulled the royal carriage.  After inspecting them James and Bartholomew waited their turn and were allowed to speak they whispered in Mary’s ear.

“The horses need rest and food”  “I can assure you that the horses will make it to Saint Milo” interrupted the First Knight.

“As many a dead horse, would see your point Sir, two days rest with food and water will not hurt them”

The Viscountess and her company were invited to refresh themselves and their horses were unharnessed and brought to the stable. Mary had set and prepared herself to go, but the report had changed her plans.  Every man and woman was given appropriate quarters and the only port anyone was going to see that evening was the Sherry served at dinner.  Having heard the rumors of her Father, Princess Mary said nothing and was given a tour by Mary herself of the Frankenstein Estate.

The Horses were kept in open stables and allowed to graze as they pleased with ample hay, apples dangling from trees and lots of water, good feed and exercise to keep their spirits up.  The men road and scouted the estate and countryside looking for wild animals and keeping alert.  On the second evening after two days of briefing and good conversation, Mary prepared for her journey.  She was anxious and nervous and did not want to catch a disease  let alone bring one back to her house.   She could be there months and perhaps years. Mary retrieved the photograph of Florence the letters from the Infirmary each one requiring an answer she though she never would give. It was now ten in the evening and Mary finished her reading.  She said her prayers and sat down to write a telegraph and a letter to Florence at the infirmary to have it sent in the morning ahead of her.  She predicted a month long journey.

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