Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

Caring for Jacobo


She had decided not to go and her letter would be firm. Mary had prepared herself after a long day’s work at Merkel’s infirmary that day as a volunteer doctor.  Then before starting she was moved and  pulled out the remains of letter pages from her father that she has cherished since he wrote them to her taking great steps that they might not be damaged.   The pages looked like splattered ink and had gotten wet in an accident and started half way on some pages and the writings came in and out through blurs and splotches of ink holding the precious words of her Father.  Life needs to be nurtured, especially when its awkward and not used to its environment.   Remember princess that life is love and love has no color. But sometimes love is like  beads of sweat the color of work unrewarded by fiduciary gain.  Love is not green like the color of money; nor is Love the color of silver, gold, bronze or even copper.  Love is not black nor red nor even yellow my darling sunshine.  rathr Rather love is all these colors put and melded together in a spectrum of energy and creative force that works through each one of us on this world to make life better for each other.  That is how life is supposed to work. …..smudges and stains – …..Love is like Lightening the spark of life from natures humble spheres of gases and vapors coloding coliding to create this great energy of light that has in my day stuck down many a good a man without warning leaving no trace of his existence.  That is why my little lamb that it is good to fear God and to know the rewards and the color of love.  Love can change the world. ……more smudges and stains  –  Mary put the letter down for a brief moment.  She had changed her mind and decided to go.  She looked at what she had just wrote and crumpled it and wrote a simple message to be sent by telegraph.  I will accept your offer and have only one condition.  I want a subscription Joseph Smith Weekly the new American news service, I hear there are no LIES in it. She prepared her bed and picked up her fathers letter and finished reading.…….By ourselves we can create nothing and this new philosophy by these new generation of men that estranges God at every turn is something that you need to stay from and among your colleagues you will find many of them men who quote Darwin and who Darwin would sue for making of him a heretic and a false religion from his musings and scientific research which I am sure will take us to a greater understanding of God’s world and the mechanics of our spiritual evolution as Mesmer might say. Beware of these men Mary who create nothing for the benefit of anything useful aside from their own glory.  Make sure to protect your research when you grow up for these men take credit for everything that others do using sorcery and all forms of wickedness and their way of life is artificial and so would any happiness be that they might bring to your life. They are vultures in a world teaming with life and color and like vultures they sit everyday waiting to usurp by their magic and their craft the Jewels given to us by God to express and teach to each other in this world. They making people believe in everything but God. They live their lives through sorcery using  all sorts of spells of forgetfulness to erase the memories of  the missing people murdered so their crimes go unnoticed and unpunished.  They are witchery hyenas who pretend to be men and whose creations are an abomination before our Lord and have laid to waste the land with infections, draught & death.  It is important Mary that you stay away from these Godless men less you come to serve them and their wickedness. In the words of Thomas Jefferson that American President, I fear and tremble for this world knowing that God is Just and that is wrath will not sleep forever. The clr of our sowul  The color of our soul reflects in our being and in our personal satisfaction to other people whether we realize it or not.  My loving daughter,  people who love each other cannot lie to each other and should not lie to each other, but in this world, a world of limits there are people would work toward ending life instead of saving life. People who love each other often see through each other.  And like man peaking in on nature who peers through a telescope to see a nest of hatchlings unguarded by the mother, so to do the fates reveal our fleshly nature through the bones of our anatomy and through the actions committed by our strengths and our inadequacies. Then there is God who loves us and sees through every ploy and every selfish self-serving effort that humans devise to destroy any goodness in the world through draught, infection and the disease of heresy. I have always admired people who make themselves good friends to another person and this phenomena happens worldwide.  Such people place little or no conditions on their friends and God puts them in the lives of people who need their companionship.  I was once like that and your mother may she rest in peace I learned after it was to late that she was best and my only friend next to your cousin Igore who needs his lithium that is even now in danger of being overturned by the medical community just being discovered recently and it is the only thing that helps Igore,

Should this happen you must make the medicine for Jacobo. Lithium is a chemical element.  It is a soft, silvery-white the lightest metal and the lightest solid element in the world.  Like many metals, lithium is highly reactive under a flame .  It is stored in mineral oil. When cut open, it exhibits a metallic luster, but moist air corrodes it quickly to a dull silvery gray, then black tarnish, but do not fear its color for even this rock given to us by God I am certain is bound to produce greater innovation.  Igores medicine comes from Petalite, also known as castorite a  lithium  aluminium  tectosilicate  mineral  which crystallizes in the monoclinic system.  Petalite is a member of the feldspathoid group. It occurs as colorless, grey, yellow, yellow grey, to white tabular crystals and columnar masses and can be found in Africa through my London associates in Zimbobwe. Petalite is an important ore of lithium and is converted to spodumene and quartz by heating to ~500 °C and under 3 kbar of pressure in the presence of a dense hydrous alkali borosilicate fluid with a minor carbonate component.  Make sure to ask Clarkson in Africa for the Lithium 6 compound and a copy of the laboratory procedures.   Clarkson is a good friend. Life can be a cold and lifeless place without a good friend.  Being a friend to another person or even group of people is a calling.  Since losing your mother I have devoted my life to being the best Father & Friend that I can be you and your cousin Igore.   God works miracles through people who make an effort to be good people  together with others  God creates the things of this world that seem to be so dear us yet are things and attributes we would seldom ascribe to God.

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