Chapter 14 The Baby Elephant

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Chapter 14

The Baby Elephant


Mary’s Estate at Saint Milo housed anywhere between 27 and 45 Orphans at any given time each who had their own room.   On the estate grounds was also a convalescent infirmary for men and women seniors who had no were to live in their old age and no one to take care of them.  In all, the facility could house 250 souls and could expand to double the size if needed.  Doctors who worked at St, Milos did not even know their patron who had just arrived at the main estate  equipped with nurse nuns.  St. Milos ran like clock work and there were hardly ever any problems.  It was perhaps the most successful of enterprises and that while not being designed for business.   It operated a free clinic for women and men, a hospital with the best of reputations where even nobles would come to get surgeries leaving happy and becoming benefactors and there were many including and very secretly the crown of France by none other than the descendants of King Louis XIV. In the early morning hours the caravan entered the city limits at St Milos having passed several military check points.  Were they not so well attired and in the company of her royal highness things might have been different.  Even a band of men from a militia let them go with gratitude from her highness’ generous purse.  Her private and royal guards had strict orders not to engage in the military affairs of France.  Mary’s arrival at St, Milos came after a very hoarse friendly journey that took three weeks instead of two.  It had been nearly 2 years since her last visit and stay. She put on her doctors coat and went to work checking the seniors first and then the children. Only a few people knew who she really was.  Then all of sudden caretakers rushed into the emergency room inside the hospital where Mary was working looking frantically for help. The couple cried out when the nurses and doctors turned them  away. “Circus people” muttered one nurse to another “the devils spawn” said another. By noon time Mary had finished her regular rounds and had made it to the clinic. Overhearing the unrest Mary listened and approached the couple  as the woman refused to leave the emergency room. They remained quietly together in a corner of the emergency ward.  The woman – a gifted nurse and a Gypsy – disclosed to Mary that during the night something had happened to their elephant while visiting St Milo to put on show for the children at the Orphanage.  The doctors had no idea of what was happening and these people had no idea the Free Clinic was associated with the orphanage and Seniors home. Explain to me what you need?  “Its our elephant”  said the woman a gypsy she needs a doctor.  “Its a baby elephant” said the man. “We don’t treat circus animals” said one of the nurses.  “Frances!” retorted Mary “Take us to a room where I can talk with them.   Frances looked angrily at the people and with her keys opened her office.  “Thank you Frances” The people explained briefly about their small show and how they had been paid well to come and perform for the orphans and seniors.  After the couple finished explaining. Mary left them to wait.  A man passed out was laying on the floor, a sailor who had gotten into a fight.  He was being examined as Mary passed by.  Mary went outside and crossed the street and talked with the head of security standing watch about the circus.  He said “We thought it was a good Idea for the kids and the old folks, there is plenty of room and we thought a week in town would be good.  We are even making money, is there a problem?” “No said Mary there is no problem” Mary went back and the couple now were sitting in the waiting room.  Mary took them to the cities animal feed a main business of St Milo operated by a relative of Dr. Doolittle one Dr. Hapi.  She explained the situation and signed buy orders for the next year.  This made the doctor very Happy and he agreed to see the baby elephant. Her name was Sheba. The baby elephant rested almost lifeless on the ground with a blanket over her while a circus worker pet her and kept her company.  She came from a circus side-show a freak show that often traveled behind them as the two shows could not see eye to eye.  The freak show was not wanted in St. Milo who before they parted offered to sell them the baby elephant who was sick but they did not tell them.  Together with several workers the people fussed over the baby elephant for the rest of day and the entire night.  The doctor fed the baby antibiotics at regular intervals and the couple brought fresh water.  Exausted Mary finally passed out.  At about 4 in the afternoon a hot sun awoke her and she rushed out to the barn passing an Emu and dinosaur giant Ostrich both who watched her.  The barn was empty and woman approached her.  Where’s Sheba?” asked Mary and from nowhere came a squirt of water and doused them both.  The Gypsy said, “I guess you have your answer.”

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