Chapter 06 King William IV

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Chapter 06

King William IV


The room was foggy, encompassed by a mist that like a ghost hovered over the dead body of King William IV illuminating the corpse. A sharp scalpel made its presence known near the right eye then plunged down. Doctors surrounded the surgical bed,  they sat in bleachers some drinking their hot coffee others tea keeping the smell close to their noses. Everyone was sworn to secrecy before the examination. Flesh and tissue began falling on the ground as the organs were dissected from the body one by one.  Several slabs of muscle were taken as samples and rushed off to other rooms for examination. William IV the King of England had died. In the early hours of the morning day 20 of June 1837 at Windser Castle, the place he was buried.  Victoria was in tears over the death.

“This is disastrous,”  cried out the New Queen, but there was nothing she could do.

Back in the examination room sipping their Tea and Coffee the Men and some students looked on murmuring about the desecration of the King’s Body.

“This is monstrous” said the Administrator in a low tone to an assistant while receiving his fresh cup of tea, “Make sure to remind Victoria to keep it a secret and let Her Royal Highness know that  Sir William left very clear instructions in his will for the doctors and scientists to examine his organs for signs of poison.”  An Inspector from the local magistrate walked in and greeted the Administrator.

Mary’s dreams like her letters haunted her mind.

Foul play was involved in her father’s death and she knew it.  She looked on the table and thought all at once of her beloved Father Victor desperate to exhume his body from its resting placing before even more decay set in and it be transferred to some Abby’s Osturary lost for all time.  She remembered falling asleep the night before reading her notes and now her mind was vexed by unfamiliar thoughts and voices as if from a cauldron.  Mary fought the impulse to react and passed surgical Instruments to her Liege one Doctor Bron Von Hemstra who cut into the body mercilessly.  The voices in her head voice were seeking information on the body and it chose her as an outlet. She looked up from the table at everyone around her and no one seemed as disturbed or bothered as she felt.   Somebody is using sorcery on this surgery she thought, foul play must be involved.   Her eyes fluttered as a heavy mist seemed to hover over the body.  Everyone around the table looked up at her and the lead doctor spoke  “We have Message from your Father”   Mary awoke scared and exasperated from her dream.  The memory of William’s autospy seemed so very real to her every element.  She awoke to the message of a delivery boy.   Her lecture had been cancelled so she could rest having just arrived back in the city. She was Scheduled to lecture at Merkel before the Nurses Surgical Association for more women doctors to give an account of the Autopsy of King William IV.  She sent a message in return with the delivery boy. “Tell them at Merkel that is was determined that no foul play was involved the death of the King. William” The morning sky was beautifully colored a light blue fading into the darker bluish shades of the atmosphere.

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