Ave Verum Corpus May The Holy Spirit continue to bless our endeavor.

In choosing the legend of Genesis as the Founding legend to our Fashion ministry,  I have decided to continue —even in business— my minsitry of reincarnation and all things for me on this earth began in The Garden

“Eves Garden”

And the Holy Spirit asked Adam,

“What shall we call her?”     and Adam responded as the sun began to set.

“We shall call her Eve,  because she will be born in the (Eden) which means Evening”  and that said, Adam was put into a deep-deep sleep.

And when Adam awoke he looked and there she was lying next to the river in all her splendor looking radiant like the sun and the most beautiful of all angels from which the tender demure souls of womankind were made.

Adam drew Eve nigh and embraced her saying, “You must be hungry”

She said “yes I am”

Then with some grapes in his hand he turned towards the heavens and gave thanks and praise saying, “Blessed be my Holy Spirit of No Name who brings forth bread from the earth and every fruit from its vine and all things that exist”

And he fed her grapes and they drank water from the River of Life and a voice spoke to them from the heavens as they hydrated their bodies saying.

“I am the river of life, he or she that drinks from the water I give them shall never thirst. “

And the two fell in love and lived in Eve’s Garden for Adam named the Garden of Paradise after her

And for many years before Cain & Abel were born in what seemed like an eternity to the Angels,  Adam & Eve held hands and walked and talked like a young couple in love who never seemed to grow old.

And from this relationship the poetic courting of women was born.

And Adam wrote many poems to Eve and this made the Holy Spirit very happy and said to Adam

“And you shall call these SOFIA for they are wisdom and they came from your love, they came from your mind, they came from your heart they from your soul and spirit and they came from your strength, but most important Adam and never forget that this wisdom  comes from me.”

And the first husband and wife became one flesh and one spirit and ever since, have never on this earth been separated.


GENESIS A MOMENT IN ETERNITY  or THE NEW GARDEN OF EVE is meloncholy and ongoing sonnet.

“The Garden of the Evening” is our paradise lost.

Eden is the place where the body of first woman – the spirit of woman – was created,  a soul who would one day in all her Glory come to be known as the Virgin Mary.

Forged by the Holy Spirit while Adam slept she was conceived and miraculously made by the hands of our Holy Spirit for the Holy Spirit thought it was not good that Adam to continue to be alone.

JCANGELCRAFT @ PARIS where Women & Children take priority for we are comming out of another great holocaust of death.  May the Holy Spirit be thanked for the good things we have.