Ticket no. 061220181531 Spiritual literacy

JC Angelcraft Paris June 12, 2018  The best spiritual literacy is literacy that accounts to God’s Holy Spirit.  It is literacy that admits that by itself, it can do nothing and that no matter the task at hand, it requires the help and blessing of the God’s Holy Spirit to have the right kind of results.   Spiritual literacy should seek God’s blessing.  To know God one must go beyond their normal beliefs; to challenge themselves to think above and beyond all human tendencies.

God is Spirit.

God is a Holy Spirit

Your souls were created by holiness through holiness and in holiness and what happened afterwards is history.  Your souls were created by holiness to help you and not hurt you. When we lose our holiness, we rage against God and God’s Holy Spirit whom preserves us at times from all deserved madness and brings us to peace.  Holiness strives with us and hopes with us.  For this reason we must try to know God beyond the ordinary assumptions. To know God one must always go beyond their normal beliefs.  God is every force that can be measured by science and can not be measured by science. God is man, God is woman and in Spirit, God is one, unbreachable and unbreakable.

To know God one must go beyond their normal beliefs untill they say to themselves God is impossible to fully understand and deserving of our undivided attention. To know God as woman, we must look to the Holy Spirit from whom springs forth all life, all knowledge and all wisdom. Sofia is her name. She is the love and timeless feeling in the poetry of angels.

To know God as woman we must humble ourselves for God’s Holy Spirit is in everything that surrounds us.  God’s Holy Spirit is the melody of my heart and   is precious, tender and kind.  She is like a soft ocean breeze running through my home and the grace who many seek.  The melody of my heart has no name or appearance that men should hate her.   It would well do the men and women to seek her on their knees in all repentance and judge her not as they do me.

She is the melody of life and of love, the bringer of Spring and the essences of the Seasons who much long ago had no names and we still embraced them.

We have destroyed languages and even the written word, but the seasons and the written word always return to us. Our ignorance would do well to remind us of the solitude of our existence. We cannot know the nameless as we know the named, but if we defile the named than we bring to ruin the advocacy that once was so easy ours.

The angels sing towards space and she hears us and sings with us and through us ministering to our minds and hearts. God is Spirit non gender mother and father, a Holy Spirit from whom all life comes.

From the mind of men precede all forms of wickedness but the angels still have good thoughts.  The works of men are evil, but the works of angels are good and made manifest to the Spirit who rewards all goodness.  She is wisdom, the melody of my heart and we can never be separated.  We wait  for each other like two souls in love and who live in eternity.  But wisdom is for everyone and she is yours also to embrace and to wait for and who waits for you.  Call upon her and she will answer, look for her and you will find her.

We serve a greater cause than our own desires as you should always serve a cause greater than yourselves. She serves us without ceasing and is always an intercessor to a greatness of Holiness few of us dare to imagine. She is the Queen of Heaven by whatever form she takes on this earth and my first love as God is also your first love.

She is the one who cries with us, for us and through us. She is the all tolerant, the all compassionate, the all merciful. She is the all protective and the hope of mankind.    She is the mother of Christ and was once lived as the daughter of the King who raised her tenderly and lovingly to rule the world after he died.

She is the Spirit of women and the delicacy of women and the reason for their strength and even my own. She is the melody of my heart that Angel we do not see and who hides among us at times unperceived and we are privileged to know her generation after generation, but we do not always recognize her and the father is who she would have you look for.  God is Spirit a father and mother to us all.

What a fortunate gift that she would present herself to the world generation after generation.   She is a Shakespearean and an actress as well as the Queen of Angels and Queen of the Pius.   Such are the needs of our times. Through plays, books, writings and film she reaches out to us and we embrace her.    Nothing escapes the purposes of heaven.




On the subject of Audrey Hepburn, Cecil Beaton once tartly observed “Nobody ever looked like her before World War II. Now thousands of imitations have appeared. The woods are full of emaciated young ladies with rat-nibbled hair and moon pale faces.”

Like mushrooms after rain, suddenly a whole new generation of Audrey clones has sprung up in the forest. Obsessed with the waifish actress, they aspire not only to look like her but to dress the part as well. Divining the trend early, the department store Barneys launched a collection inspired by Hepburn’s dresses, culled from her personal and cinematic wardrobes.

Scores of fashion designers have since hopped aboard the Audrey bandwagon, peddling a head-to-heel neo-Hepburn look featuring fitted shifts and low, ladylike pumps. And this month Paramount Pictures is bringing out its remake of Billy Wilder’s 1954 Sabrina, the Cinderellaesque Hepburn classic which defined her image for the rest of her career.

All of this Audrey revivalism has been noted with extreme curiosity by the late actress’s close friend couturier Hubert de Givenchy, who first dressed the star in Sabrina and ended up creating her wardrobe for seven subsequent film roles, as well as for private life.

Ironically, this renewed—adulation of le style Audrey Hepburn is peaking just as Givenchy is retiring from the house he founded in 1952. This month English wunderkind John Galliano will replace the veteran couturier, who in October showed the final collection of his 43-year career.