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Vespas are popular efficient methods of transporation.  All motor vehicles should be appoached with respect and carry insurance.

Call me overprotective in my old age.  I’ll take it with grace.   But in all truth as a young man and even to my 30s I pushed the edge on motorbikes and sports cars taking risks that I would never in my life permit my daughters or sons to do.

Do not attempt to do what you see in this Mulberry commercial above.  It is very dangerous.  Youth has a way of making one feel eternal and impervious to death.   I would ask you to pray before driving any vehicle and ask parents to pray for their adrenaline junky kids, just like I and Audrey once were.

Audrey Hepburn here gives us a demonstration on how not to drive a Vespa.


The Vespa and its Kin like the MOPED are a far cry from the power of bikes and cars I have owned and driven, but still they are highly desirable, very affordable and an efficient means of transportation for many people around the world and like all motor vehicles they should be driven responsibly.  JCANGELCRAFT

In a recent article published at Motorcyle Sport & Bike,  –LIAM MARSDEN – pronounced the VESPA SEI GIORNI as the most advanced vespa ever.   He writes:

Vespa’s new limited edition Sei Giorni, built to pay tribute to the original 1951 Sport Sei Giorni, is reportedly the most powerful and technologically advanced Vespa to date.

Based on the Vespa GTS, the Sei Giorni is powered by a Euro4 compliant 300cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine that produces 21bhp at 7750rpm and 16ftlb of torque at 5000rpm, making it A2 licence-friendly.

The Sei Giorni receives its “most technically advanced Vespa ever” title because of a USB port inside the glovebox, LED daytime running lights and ABS (which is a requirement of Euro4).

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The latest Sei Giorni features a low-position headlight, burnished windscreen, black numberboards and a seat which appears to be built for a single rider, however has been approved to carry a pillion.

A range of accessories will also be available for the Sei Giorni, including front and rear luggage racks, thermal leg cover, an anti-theft system, a Tom Tom Vio GPS unit and the Vespa Multimedia Platform. The multimedia platform allows your phone to communicate with the scooter, allowing it to display information such as speed, revs, trip information and more.

The original Sei Giorni was built in 1951 for the Sei Giorni Internazionale regularity rally. Ten Vespa Sei Giorni’s lined-up at the start, and despite competing against much more suitable motorcycles, Vespa walked away from the event with nine individual gold medals. Originally only 300 Sei Giornis were built, and as such any surviving models are now highly sought after by collectors.


Vespa Myth Power and Techology is characterized by the large body made strictly in steel, perfect for moving about elegantly in the city but always ready for travel and adventure.   Vespa GTS is the technical base for the new Vespa Sei Giorni that uses the most powerful engine in the history of the most famous and beloved scooter in the world. It is a modern and technological 300 Euro 4, a single cylinder, 4-stroke, 4-valve, liquid cooled, electronic injection engine capable of putting out 15.6 kW (21.2 CV) of power at 7,750 rpm and maximum torque of 22 Nm at just 5,000 rpm. These are values that ensure extremely quick response in acceleration and extremely brilliant performance all around.   VESPA drive safely   .VESPA.COM