Ticket 053020181114 Discovering Barbera Palvin


JC Angelcraft Paris May 30 2018 The first settlement in the territory of Budapest was built by nomadic Peoples before 1 AD.  The area of Budapest from where Barbera Palvin comes from was once occupied by the Romans who were conquered.  Budapest is a wonderous and a mysterious place filled with ancient legends and stories of great muslims and christian knights.  With  castle fortresses  the women are of extreme beauty who still the hearts of men .  Before it was Budapest it was called– Aquincum which became the main city of Pannonia the lessor in 106 AD.

“I am going to the baths of Aquincum, get me my sun glasses,” echoe the words of time.

Aquincum was a military settlement and stronghold of Rome as many great cities of Europe tend to start off as. Long ago the Romans constructed roads, amphitheaters, baths and houses with heated floors in this fortified military camp so they could protect queens and women of such great beauty and lore in the citadel of Aquincum. The Roman city of Aquincum is one of the best-conserved of the Roman sites in Hungary. One of its more important archaeological sites was turned into a museum with inside and open-air sections the likes few people ever hear about and with tremendous art venues.

Gradually more civilization was drawn to its refuge and soon feasts, market and commerce became the focal point of city life.  If Aquincum was not spiritual enough already it became Budapest a Holy city and dwelling place of God’s Holy Spirit.  Of its women men would say, “there is no rose garden like an Aquincum rose garden where the buds grow strong and wise.”

Budapest has many roses and if Helen of Troy ever had her equal it just might be Barbera of Aquincum.  And so aquiring its romance, we continue and we bless the name of Budapest as well.

Today the area from where Barbera comes from  corresponds to the Óbuda district within Budapest the place where Barbera Palvin was discovered.  “She’s so wittle” one observes.   Discovered in Budapest at the age of 13, Palvin shot her first editorial in 2006 for Spur Magazine and Hungry and the world has not been the same since. She is very famous for such a young girl and Barbera has maintained a steady stream of work in the fashion business thanks be to God’s precious tender Holy Spirit the savior of our souls. After her first major modeling job Palvin has been on the cover of  Marie Claire, Glamour Hungary and Elle in as many nations and languages. She has also walked inside the pages of Harper’s Bazaar and has appeared in campaigns for Armani Exchange, H&M, Victoria’s Secret.  Barbera is an ambassador for L’Oréal Paris and the fashion Industry and we make sure all our girls carry themselves like that.  I hope the older girls teach the new girls to appreciate the Industry for it is far more safer than it once was. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit was fortunate to have Barbera swim in her pages and she was also featured in Armani’s signature scent “Acqua di Gioia.”

Palvin blessed Amazon’s  Fashion division with her presence and continues to bless many of us in different magazines around the world. Her runway debut was as an exclusive for Prada during Milan Fashion Week in February  in a time not so long ago. Palvin has also worked for other JC Angelcraft subsidiaries that include but are not limited to:

  • Chanel
  • Loreal
  • Louis Vuitton,
  • Nina Ricci,
  • D&G
  • et al.

Victoria’s Secret Fashion like Barcelona Bridal Week and Vogue and fashion industry tirelessly employs her.  Barbera, like all our girls compares to no one and each of our models is uniquely glamorous in her own right.    And what makes each one interesting and special is where they are from and how they are. Barbera like many of the girls is inside much of the fashion Industry but her iconic looks are not always the same.  You may not always recognize her. Be as it may I will give Barbera and all my models a little more of my fatherly advice.

Be yourselves but always make yourselves better and be aware of men’s hidden agendas.  Always be nice and pray even inside your mind so no one but God hears you.  And let no man make you look ugly or to look like a man and tell you its for a cause.  You are women.  You have a voice to politely protest and you have the goodness of God on your side so fear nothing.  To the men:  Let no man or woman make you effeminate and tell you its in fashion.  Be cowboys.  Be strong men.  Work out and go out with the women and get educated the both of you.  Marry a good woman and raise children and travel the world. There are lots of educational opportunities. With love for Barbera Palvan and all the girls and firm handshake for the men,   JC Angelcraft

We are all indigenous to this planet.  We are all nomadic with the bug to travel and know our world as time and money permits.  We are angels living on earth whose only limits are  those constraints that we place on our life through our own mistakes.  So lets live right.