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Chanel de Paris  JC Angelcraft June 29, 2017 Everyone wants to know what my thoughts are? Even I want to know what my thoughts are.  My thoughts, however, are not shared so easily. I once had a girlfriend named Luddy who was a very gifted psychic who professed she could read my mind.  She was and still is a gifted psychic, but even she could not read my mind, but everyone elses mind she could read.

But about fashion there is no need to try to read my mind.  About fashion my thoughts are creative energy spread generously through the entire industry trying my hardest not to forsake anyone or anything.

My thoughts about fashion linger in many things but not more than about how I want my princesses to dress so my thoughts bend to girls who I like and know the way they dress women like Letizia de las Asturias, Penelope of Barcelona, Claudia Palacios and also Scarlet Ortiz.  Mary of Maryland my first wife has good tastes as well..  Then lastly I cannot forget some great memories I have of Charlotte Marie Pomoline  Caserighis photo shoots and Catherine Middleton Windsore’s classic style.

 I like to look admire a girl from a distance with our her knowing I that I like her.  This way she is always perfect and nothing can ruin that.  It’s hard for me to mention one fashion label here in this morning.  Designer Labels are to me like many beautiful women and if I have to choose one then  I have to choose them all, but nothing compares to the feel that looking at a beautiful woman gives me.

Letizia de las Austurias Reina de España

About fashion I like music and drama and dance intertwined with fashion.  I like to be taken by surprise by fashion and my attention called to the presentation. In fashion, I like to be held captive by perfectly beautiful women something all men expect in the fashion business and this is why men watch fashion, for the women. I grew up with Calvin Klein. In fashion, I like the way Elle Fanning and Taylor Hill present and  Dolce and Gabbana holds me captive at times.  In recent media fashion I like Chanel’s   “One upon a time” by Karl Lagerfeld which is for me a legendary work and I can never seem to get tired of the watching Keira Knightley and company play Gabriel Chanel. .

Fashion for me is fast and slow black and white with splashes of color and blended fabric and romantic above all else.  In fashion it is easy to lose one self to so many great venues around the world and so many great shopping areas.   I grew up in Newport Beaches Fashion Island and South Coast Plaza where I got to know the fashion Industry and even as little boy I loved FILA Sportswear.  

We were always in Nordstrom as a young boy when not at the Dorthy Chandler during our recreation time.  But enough about me. Fashion is an Industry where many girls depend and rely on the goodness of the industry and I know that I do not want to let them down or the men that rely of fashion the fashion Industry for jobs in the many designers under our legal umbrella.

I look forward to the first closed fashion forum that we shall have to hear if there are educational and developmental needs in any of the girls and the people who work in the industry that are not being met and brainstorm with them in how to make life better inside the Fashion Industry so they can find happiness  JCANGELCRAFT

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