Ticket no 092420171085 Love is not an experiment and is something that should not be denied.

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Love has no specific color.  It is not solely green like the color of money; nor is love the color of silver, gold, bronze or even copper. Love is not black, white nor red nor even the color of sunshine yellow though that may sound somewhat strange.
Rather love is the color of an act of kindness or a series of acts conveyed for the betterment of life and creation.  If expressed as color then love is all the colors of the spectrum – an energy – arranged and fused together by the creative force that works through each one of us.  We express color to this world by our acts towered each other and to make life better for each other.  That is how life is supposed to work that is how color is to be understood.
Love is like a bolt of lightning, a fearsome terrible symphony of light that has the power to destroy or bring light and energy to house when its power is collected through technology.
Love is an explosion of light and vision that results in the power to create .  It is the inspiration to create new ideas in all areas of life.   Love is a muse and a gift and the only way both saint and sinner can together meet on the field of business. Our muse makes sure that we are all equally equipped, but not equally blessed for good behavior must be rewarded and is blessed to stand out before our collective witness that all might know how things work in the universe of our existence.
Our muse is one muse, a creative loving aspect of our Holy Spirit and its energy we harness to what we love often giving little consideration to where the blessing is transmitted from.
Our muse is kind and loving and does not forsake a man or woman to place bread on their table through the selling or making of textiles however simple that work may be.
Our muse settles in where our muse feels most comfortable and right now the muse in many people’s lives needs to heal from an unnatural and inhuman expectation of it to deliver them wealth and riches in the wake of a great holocaust of death.
It is by our own deeds and misdeeds that we win and curry or lose the favor of our personal muse who continually sits in judgment, giiving importance to each of our lives while we hardly consider its importance.  When creativity and blessings cease, we know now why.
And when creativity ceases to be the aim of our endeavors and we get sidetracked with wickedness and we thow our lot in with the damned it is then that we come to learn that we reap what we sow.
These principles of life and good laws of nature and consequence guide successful people and only through deciet and much sorrow do the wicked keep up losing many among their ranks so that the new demons can say, “I did this,”
In the world of amibitious successful creative people who soley dedicate themselves to money, their image and their success, love is but a bystander in their lives and a crutch for which to blame all their sorrows, until they have no choice but to find help for their inner being.
Love is the excellence of being good to all and not just to whom it is conveniant.  So love your neighbor not bearing ill will towards anyone or anything.
Be careful to chose who guides you spiritually for your life and work no spells or iniquity on yourselves or others.  Do no evil or harm to each others work or lost will be your life’s love and ambition and room will be made for people that have earned the right by example, continual repentence and good works.
By ourselves we can create nothing. but with God’s help there is nothing we cannot do.
Creative force and creative energy from our muse is very important to fashion and design, but without God’s blessing what we love so much can become like an unreachable star in the night sky.  So we must think about others more than ourselves. It is important to think as a team and to make a name for ourselves but not at other peoples’ expense rather through good reputations in our relationships with each other.
If you have lost the muse, you can work to bring it back into your life through hard work and good behavior always striving to help others.
Another exercise in color.
What do you think about when you look at color?  Do you think about models or magazines, love or nature?  Think about it and then add the music you love and begin creating works of art, photography and writing that will stand with or without the music you listened to while creating it.
It is also wonderful to create in silence, but if you have lost your muse nothing but repentance can help your return.  No spell that is cast will set off your work, but to your own eyes and maybe the priases of those who are false with you.
You can also ask yourself, what colors come to your mind while playing your favorite music and therein is the beginning of rediscovering your own personal muse of creation.   The muse of music is thee Muse an aspect of our precious tender Holy Spirit that has always been with us.
The muse ignores race and deformity, ugliness and beauty and helps whoever needs help caring nothing for profit or your personal ambitions.
The muse works with music, fashion, design, fabrics, our inner creative spirits and everything under the sun and there is nothing more important to the industry as the right muse and there is only one.
Definitions of Color
There are no exact definitions for colors but we need some sort of reference and so here are a few examples.
Red is the color of passion, love, jealousy, anger as well as the color of a beautiful red rose, a red delicious apple or even a ripe tomatoe. Black is the color of night and also a color of strength and even wisdom a pigment from which all colors come from and like the color white, black can be combined with any other color.  Grey is the color of flannel and of Justice.  grey psychology color neither nor wrong and the color of uncertainty.  Grey is a principle hue of photography and the center balance between black & white. Greys  can refresh us, transmit our moodiness or be the expressions that reflect the grey areas of our lives.  Blue is the color of the ocean and also of deep emotion.  Blue is as endless as the sky.  Blue is the color of peace and the color of a starry night canvass into which it blends enveloping the stars in its grace.  Hues of green and white are tranquil and often used to soothe us when our bodies and minds need healing inside institutions of healing.
And if any color best defines fashion that color is pink and even rose and the sunshine of yellow takes away the dullness of an otherwise dreary day.
In fashion, black & white are the staple colors of most major brands because black and white are the original and traditional colors of film in photography that produced many grey hues as well as many stunning layouts.  Black & white film still delivers an astonishing feel in video and photography or when mixed with splashes of color like the kinds we see in wonderful covers created by our fashion magazines.
We are visual and asthetic consumers.  If like something, we endeavor to buy it or simulate it .
Fashion magazines are blessed to the individual tastes and likes of people so when their writers have failed to capture the emotion and the energy of fashion, its not as bad and people fall back on their love of color and style.
The favor of the muse is a truly a special thing and even in visuals and many  have failed by pushing the boundries and promoting too much darkness  which can look like bright morning star.
Magazines can speak music and can through their words and images create a song of color delightful to the eyes just by looking through their pages and reading their Spielgespräch or Обсуждение игры.
Fashion magazines are valuable if and when they can stop promoting false politicis and men that have been judged by God and removed from public service.  In this case, no amount of fancy words can save them.  No amount of color can distract readers who have been betrayed by a conspiracy whose colors are not appealing.
Color is important to our lives but it is how we wear color and use color that makes or breaks its effect on everything we do and what we create. Colors in fashion are basic. Mixing colors is an art and colors are to garments what notes are to music and you can never have to many colors in music….
In fashion,  one color is like a note of music, a single pigment woven into fabric together with other colors blending together to create a melody of fusion inside the garment or textile by the creator.
This process of creating and designing textiles through the instruments of our hands and machines those fabrics and garments we cherish most requires many notes working together  the colors of sound harmoniously arranged in a clef to work through and by the spindle to create the key of the fabric and its melody to give us fashion the likes of  Adeste Fidlis .
Like the first musical psalms changed the world and so basic in their structure, so can one single musical color change the look and feel of ones life and their environment.
Even by itself one single color can change the color and mood of your life.
From one day to the next what color are we? And how does our ensemble reflect our emotional color?
In terms of basic fashion there are days we feel more black than others and still other days whites, reds, pinks, greys or blues dominate our lives like days of the week where we favor certain colors or styles of dress for our main ensamble.  Like that little sunshine yellow of a little girls dress a color we might use to paint one of our walls.   Yellow can transform a dismal fashion day into a bright sunny day.  Yellow on one wall tastefully done can bring light into a dark area of a house or a apartment giving it new sense of energy.  In automobiles one does not think about yellow much, but  a bannana yellow Ferrari or even an Alfa Romeo C4 is still quite a site to see.
Sunshine yellow is always the color of a good mood and draws the smiles of little daisies and creates visions of giant sunflowers and is the kind of color that always makes things look brighter and more cheerful than usual.
Both lives and colors at times need to be refreshed, redeemed and always taken care of and sometimes exchanged or even revived and what was once a dull white in our lives can again be as vibrant and fresh as a Winterscape in December.
Life, its joy and its happiness is a day to day affair that can consume us to greater accomplishments or in its worst expression devour us to defeat and misery, but the outcomes of life depend on what we let into our lives every day, darkness or light; and the willingless to fight against the destructive forces, those forces that reveal themselves when opposed by good people.  They are forces in direct opposition to the light of creation and the hand of the creator which counts for much in the fashion world a blessed industry that people involved in it should be thankful to be let in, even working in a small store that sells unknown lables in an unknown part of the world where across the street sit crazy people who cannot seem to make their lives work inside care facilities.
When something is seriously wrong in our lives even the most beautiful surroundings and colors can’t take the away the awful feeling we ourselves have created by investing into negative energy or darkness.
And so no matter what color you chose for the day or what color you paint your house or your room and no matter how many books you read about being better person, if you do not isolate the problem in your life that is causing you misery and take responsibility for changing your life, your condition can only be superficially healed for a short time and you may find yourself frustrated with color, sound, literacy and the creative processes.
Finding peace with yourself requires more than just understanding darkness, light, color, structure and the divinity of music, myrrh and textiles which are as old as Samaria.
Finding peace with others is part of your inner peace and a lesson learned can be found the good Samaritan an old Zoroastrian parable.

When you lose inner peace and the creative muse it is time to learn to solve your problems and you have to be honest with yourself and others and follow the steps that you know you must follow to return to yourself that self-esteem that you yourself allowed to be taken from you by others who led you down a path of darkness the color of depression.
When you feel down or depressed sing a little song to yourself like this one.    Music and even simple musical jingles can help to cheer us and also awaken us to the greater feelings the Mahayana feelings that we need to experience and process honestly before delving into the Hinayana issues which make up the detailed constructs of our life.  Prayer and repentance also helps with depression.
These simple yet effective teachings as well add color and meaning to our lives and are music to our ears and are a light unto our path with concern to self-governance. And self-governance is what life is all about.  But details are what make fashions’ greater perspective more desirable and in fashion everything starts with basics in color and music which if done right with our whole soul we curry the blessing and the favor of our generous muse.
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Ticket no 092420171085 Love is not an experiment and is something that should not be denied.


Love all hopes all things, believes all things and heals all things.  Love never fails and believes the best in all people struggling to live in a world of darkness and light.

It is written love your enemies so God may fight your enemies on your behalf keeping you pure and spiritually grounded and your soul open to the light.

You can also avoid your enemies and you do not even have to pray for them so it can be said that God is just and not burdensom – JCANGELCRAFT