Ticket no. 02222019 Longchamp’s Fall/Winter 2019 collection.

JC Angelcraft Paris Feb 23. 2020  Longchamp: Activism writing continues. The judgement of God continues and as the world continues to turn, for her second show at New York Fashion Week, Creative Director Sophie Delafontaine captures the free-spirited energy of travelers, women who rove the globe with a rock ‘n’ roll attitude and a wardrobe to match reminiscent of former trends in fashion brought back into vogue. In Sophie’s presentation for Longchamp particular focus is placed on the distance between Paris and New York, which is visualized with a runway inspired by Andrée Putman, the carpet she designed for the Concorde and a 40-look collection which combines the distinct auras of these legendary transatlantic cities. These attributes culminate in pieces that feature LGP, the new logo for the over 70-year-old Longchamp. Inspired by Bauhaus artists and New York’s maze-like grid plan, LGP is dispersed throughout the line, giving an assortment of jackets and separates a greater sense of big-city cool. It is especially prominent on the brand’s new handbag collection, La Voyageuse.

Discover the entire ready-to-wear collection @ Longchamp a voyage of self-discovery and independence.


Longchamp’s Fall/Winter 2019 collection., JCANGELCAFT, Longchamp Creative Director Sophie Delafontaine.  https://www.longchamp.com/