Ticket no. 02222019 Longchamp’s Fall/Winter 2019 collection.

JCANGELCRAFT PARIS – Longchamp: Activism writing continues. The judgement of God continues and as the world continues to turn, for her second show at New York Fashion Week, Creative Director Sophie Delafontaine captures the free-spirited energy of travelers, women who rove the globe with a rock ‘n’ roll attitude and a wardrobe to match reminiscent of former trends in fashion brought back into vogue.

In Sophie’s presentation for Longchamp particular focus is placed on the distance between Paris and New York, which is visualized with a runway inspired by Andrée Putman, the carpet she designed for the Concorde and a 40-look collection which combines the distinct auras of these legendary transatlantic cities.

These attributes culminate in pieces that feature LGP, the new logo for the over 70-year-old Longchamp. Inspired by Bauhaus artists and New York’s maze-like grid plan, LGP is dispersed throughout the line, giving an assortment of jackets and separates a greater sense of big-city cool. It is especially prominent on the brand’s new handbag collection, La Voyageuse.

Discover the entire ready-to-wear collection @ Longchamp a voyage of self-discovery and independence.

Longchamp’s Fall/Winter 2019 collection., JCANGELCAFT, Longchamp Creative Director Sophie Delafontaine.  https://www.longchamp.com/

Ticket no. 112620171246 Caring about Chanel and my Chanel girls

Paris France 26th of November 2017 Good morning, Good Afternoon and Good evening each in your part of the world.   We are in rain gear and in rain season in some parts of the world.  Thank God for those yellow and orange plastic thingies we get to wear on rainy days and thank God for Chanel rain attire for women.

I lost a tooth the other day.  Just like a little kid might.  It just fell out.  There was no pain, no tooth-ache, it just popped as if I was a snot-nose little kid.  I remember being a kid and going to the dentists and the dentist telling my mom that I had three rows of teeth…oh yes I did just like Donald Ardichico from the the movie the Coneheads..

This posting is long in coming almost a month.  If anything, todays posting is one of thanksgiving.  I left a similar message at Chanel almost a month ago.  That is how busy I am.  I want to thank my girls and staff at Chanel and in all our brands for keeping things moving from articles and writing – to perfume, clothes, cosmetics and accessories.

All complaints and grievances against my employees aside,  I want to thank all our counter girls and employees for the excellent customer service you provide and its you who make our fashion Industry a complete and rewarding experience.     I want to thank our writers as well.  I think that nothing in Fashion is more important than writing and what we write.  Even in life writing is so very important. Every publishing matters which somehow brings to todays case and point.


I am of the opinion that the entire fashion industry is tied up in Chanel with their hearts and minds wholly vested.  Nothing moves without Chanel a way of life and truth in fashion and all there is, is truth; so a Chanel girl once said to me.

And all models no matter how they started always look to Chanel who is an Industry leader in so many ways and we all have each other to thank for that @ CHANEL

All Fashion Labels and Designer Brands owe a bit of gratitude for Chanel’s style that lends and weaves itself through the entire Fashion Industry sometimes hardly noticed.



Each of my girls at Chanel is like a company owner and treats the company as if they owned it and I like that.  Being a Chanel associate is important.

Chanel is part of everyday life for women around the world and many brave the waters of the greatest shopping venues in the world and daily sail the winds of fate only the end to find themselves in front of one our Chanel counters.

Chanel belongs to us and together we are going keep her great and on top.   If anything Chanel represents our Lady Chanel and I do not mean Coco Chanel may God bless her too.   Our lady Chanel  is the spirit of Woman the God of Fashion  who muses her way through our hearts, minds and spirits.  Even Givenchy consulted her oh yes he did.

Chanel girls are powerful and inspired by Spirit of Woman.  There is nothing in this world, not one problem a Chanel Girl cannot work through or fix.


Chanel girls are the best.  Thanks to my girls at Chanel their great shows and all our support I feel comfortable with the fashion business.  Chanel is like a great ship.  If the world of fashion collapsed we could survive living inside the Chanel an Industry ark if ever there was one.  She’s a fine ship and very sea worthy capable of surviving in the turbulant oceans of the retail fashion world.


Looking at Chanel girls gets me through difficult fashion days which I do not dare try to describe or I might ruin this beautiful bright and sunny Chanel calendrical day.   A Chanel calendrical day is any day after the first monday of each month and every day after the second Tuesday in the first week of any calendrical 28-31 day period.   A Chanel calendrical day is composed of 24 hours and can also fall on the first Wednesday of every month that follows every first or second Thursday.

Fridays at Chanel are all also very special.  A calendrical Chanel Friday is observed  between every calendrical Thursday and every calendrical Sunday before a standard Chanel calendrical day.   If you have trouble remembering this just make sure to bookmark it. but do not worry if you forget.


I leave you now with blessings, warm hugs and handshakes and few words worth repeating.

Chanel is Love.  She is the pearl of great price that is not for sale.  Nothing meaningful is for sale these days.  That is because we are in the processes of helping to save our world together with God’s help.

Chanel is hope to any girl in a fashion crises who can always look at Chanel videos and always seems to have something in her wardrobe that resembles Chanel product that she might not have in her Chanel wardrobe.

Chanel are the details, the Hinayana of Fashion. Chanel singular or plural, Hinayana or Mahayana, a never-ending chain of events and conclusions that lead women through the labyrinth of the world that is fashion towards greater thoughts of accessories, styles and even brands; to arrive a perfect Chanel personal decision for their lives and a solution when facing the dilemma what today they will wear.

Chanel is fashion scripture. Chanel is every girls hope and every woman’s best companion.

Chanel is friendly and helpful to those who seek her guidance and assistance.  Chanel is that bright beautiful smile on every girls face.    Speaking of beautiful, I am going to miss seeing Vittoria Cerretti’s article as the first post but we can always turn back the pages here to find her or simply press this special Vittoria Cerreti button on any given Chanel calendrical 24 hour period on our Earths Orbital axis in any given Chanel calendrical month of a standard CHANEL calenderical year that falls on every year between leap years.    Hopefully always JC Angelcraft @ Paris




Early in their lives do many models start their careers.  Like flowers in the spring they forever endeavor to retain their youth and succeed.  Forever young our girls are at least my eyes and I shall never stop coddling them like little girls should be coddled.

There are many superstars in todays world of modeling and VITTORIA CERRETTI has jumped into our worlds and into the hearts of many.  Vittoria was born in Brescia a small charming city of Lombardy in northern Italy a region filled with opulent mountain views, lovely gardens, cobblestone roman roads, cathedrals, schools, soccer fields, cats, priests and war nuns and is the kind of place you can raise a family.  A peaceful place, Brescia is a place where you can pray, meditate and raise a young girl of great promise.  Vittoria grew up at the foot of the Swiss Alps, a few kilometres from great rivers and the lakes Garda and Iseo and entered the world on a beautiful Louis Vuitton day as only angels deserve to be born on.


It is said that on her day of birth the little birds chirped happier, a new flavored ice cream was discovered, the sky was bluer, and pizzas tasted better.  As the legend goes, on the day of her birth,  the mountains whispered thank you to Our Holy Spiritthe God of fashion and everything else for that matter.

Vittoria was born exactly on June 7, 1998 and when she was just 14 years old,  she entered the Elite Model Look competition in Italy, where she was chosen as a finalist.

The city of Brescia La città di Brescia home of Istituto Clinico Città di Brescia , where Top Model Vittoria is from,  was founded over 3,200 years ago and has been an important regional centre of Italian life since pre-Roman times.  Vittoria was somewhere else back then perhaps modeling the latest Silks as one of Cleopatra’s Daughters which one I could not tell you.


In the part of the town where Vittoria comes from still stand some the best most well preserved Roman public buildings, monuments, including the medieval castles of great Italian Knights, Kings and Nobleman.

In Brescia, Vittoria’s place of birth, there exist seemingly the two most contrasting of elements;  the Renaissance Piazza della Loggia and the rationalist Piazza.  If you ask me I prefer the rationalist plaza and that way the rationalist have no place to hide.  They cannot hide in Loggia because we Christians own Loggia and are the most rational people in the world

B for Brescia not brassiere, Brescia but the brassiere just may have been invented there.  Beauty at this moment seems today begin in Brescia and at D&G for that matter where I and many others became familiar with Vittoria’s work which sounds like a female Louis Vuitton just waiting to get out.

Vittoria made her runway debut in the Italian city of Milan, for the designer Kristina Ti.  Two letters.  “Ti” like you in spanish not ewe in English which sounds the same. These letters are key and vital in Vittoria’s name and without them, her and KRISTINA TI the world would just not be the same.

Once again thats CHI È CRISTINA TARDITO – KRISTINA TI. It makes me think of Stan Getz – CHEGA DE SALUD  

Bare with me, I’m trying to impress this most beautiful elegant and charming of girls VITTORIA CERRETTI the one and only Ms Sicily oh yes she is.

Vittoria has modeled for Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Prada, Proenza Schouler, JW Anderson, Moschino, Fendi, Valentino, Roberto Cavalli, Versace, Missoni, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Chanel, Christian Dior, Miu Miu, Givenchy, Alberta Ferretti, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Bottega Veneta, Tom Ford, Tommy Hilfiger, and Yves Saint Laurent.

A star and top model of the fashion world, Vittoria has appeared on the cover of Vogue, Vogue Italia, Vogue Paris, Vogue Japan, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Glamour, Grazia and IO Donna. Ceretti was one of seven models on the cover of Vogue’s March 2017 issue, which celebrated the magazine’s 125th anniversary.



Someone once said, I used to think that a muse was like a fairy that whispered in your ear, you know one of those sexy little tinker bells girls in a short skirt who look like cheerleaders such as Elle Woods or the Elle Fanning  fairy whom people love so much even possibly that Marlyland-Betty we know as Alicia Sylverstone

A muse. hmmmm, why is our muse so special.  Well first of all she is special because she is everywhere and in everything and sometimes the blessing is inside our own eyes and is a very personal blessing.  This attention to detail of our spirits by our muse is why creativity, commerce and business is so successfull.

Fashion Week is upon us.

Fashion week is always upon us with beautiful gorgeous women blessing our eyes with pouty lips and faces like little girls in need of daddy’s attention and affections.  What more could we ask for in this world?

Looking at fashion magazines I notice that Vanity Fair‘s lineup seems at times to bring out the best in the designers who create clothes for them or with them in mind.  Then as you pick up each different magazine its muse comes to life with fashion relationships compounding on fashion relationships.

Such is the way of the muse.

In the absence of talent and the blessing then a muse is “. . . someone or something who is blessed that lights a spark and get things moving.”

A muse is magical,  like the magic that happened when Audrey Hepburn met Hubert Givenchy.

Talented designers and the women who inspire them have created “musical” pairings  an energy so irresistable that without knowing they created fashion history.

Perhaps the greatest pairing of all time is the Hepburn/Givenchy relationship.

Then there is that of: Millicent Rogers and Charles James. Millicent certainly fit the gorgeous, skinny, somber requirement, but she was more than another Ideal women who made shine James’s fashions.

Millicent’s own taste and style often directed and invariably influenced the designers she worked with. Millicent pushed James to create what she wanted and perhaps was the cause of his success and the reason their relationship produced such great fashion sense. Their relationship began in 1930 when Millicent went to London with a group of friends to see a talked-about young designer named Charles James.

They say that Millicent’s name became paired with his at the height of his fame when she functioned as both his patron and muse.  But a good designer should need no human muse, unless it’s the spirit of woman in the flesh which is a whole different proposal.   That is why our muse is so special.

In the quickly changing world of twenty-first century fashion, it is hard to imagine the influence that a few key and highly respected fashion designers wielded in their time.  However, it is not hard to imagine that Fashion could not be successful without some sort of blessing from our blessed tender Holy Spirit

To keep our minds on beauty and color from pitty and compassion our Muse weaves in and out of a fashion world making sure God’s favor is seen in one or more designers through the collective of efforts of people dedicated to peace and beauty.

The fashion business would not exist if not for God. God, people and the human spirit are what keep alive designer brands.

After World War II, fashion became even more important  and Charles James was back then considered a giant, an innovator on the tip of every fashionable woman’s tongue in the forties and fifties.

His sculpted party dresses created in lavish fabrics and inventive colors was his signature.  His coats and capes trimmed with fur and embroidery also left their mark in fashion history but where is his work today?  Does anyone even care anymore?  Many names from his era are still around and his name is still around but his label has yet again to make a come back and the label has to confront Carolina Herrera and Oscar de la Renta and shoot directly for the top and nothing less will do.


It has also been noted that James was one of the oddest and most difficult personalities in the legends of fashion history.  Men of genius are often difficult.  They also inspire critics often say things in compliment that if they knew what they were talking about, they would retract their statesment.

One reviewer called him “kissed by the furies.”    God forbid. That is like being tapped by fates and drawn into a whirlwind relationship only later be dropped into some fashion folder and forgotten by the very people you helped rise to the top.

Despite all in the life of this kind and peaceful man there was Millicent who tamed James with her matchless manner; soothing, demanding and yet flattering. She always got what she asked for.  A good woman always does and their relationship was considered one of the most famous and fruitful designer-client collaborations in American fashion history.   Her tender kiss upon his work is what kept him going.


Oh him Cherri Burns wrote, “His first design for her was a nightgown, a “deshabille” of white and rose organdy trimmed with lace and biscuit colored ribbons when she was hospitalized with a bout of her recurring heart ailment. Instinctively he understood style and finery as a tonic for her morale. “

In all James created more than 45 original designs for Millicent, and her financial patronage was essential to his business success in the late 1940s.  Millicent was the prototype modern woman.

James passed away in 1978.  He has been born again and may even be in a business  unrelated to fashion. …aughh the horror to even think of not being involved in the fashion business,  

During his life as Charles James shared much with his wife Nancy who  explained, “Millicent Rogers inspired him more than anyone and that he felt that Millicent could help him to resolve a design when he wasn’t certain how to finish it.”

James was direct in his own admiration of Millicent and wrote to her in one letter writing,

“…when you came into my house everyone at once knew what they were to do, and how to do it. And that special quality of bringing out people’s work at its best was what gave you a special rating.”  

James’s crediting and kind and specially tender words of Millicent is what today has today brought his memory back and to the pages of JC Angelcraft Paris. We need more kind words about each other and less jealously.  At least that’s the I see things. JC Angelcraft



During days like these when the world sits in judgment, we are reminded of many things such as the destruction of Egypts army by the hand of God who through Moses protected the world from the slavery of Egypt the same that white supremacist try to use calling it mysticsm and slavery of the mind, the heart and the will.

It is sorcery and wizardry that they use destroy words, their meaning and any good lesson or edification that might come from the words, the quills and the work of angels.


If anything can be learned from the words of Mozarts Requiem is that our souls have passed through the halls judgement many times before.   Mozart’s words of sorrow were written as a mass for the dead and a plea to God for justice and for God’s benediction.

The Definitions of requiem.   As a noun is a Mass for the repose of the souls of the dead. The title of one of Baudelaire’s poems, ‘De profondis clamavi,’ refers to the requiem Mass so that this ceremony is certainly within his ken.

Requiem Grant them eternal rest, O Lord, and may perpetual light shine on them. Thou, O God, art praised in Sion, and unto Thee shall shall your vows and oaths be performed in Jerusalem in the tabernacle that weighs and measures the lives of men and angels. Hear my prayer and listen to my words.  I  summon all flesh and spirit the souls of men and women to come forth to the judgment and receive thy reward while those who condemned themselves and others wrongfully bury themselves with the acts and works of their iniquity and by their own hands commit themselves to perdition and Sheol. Grant them eternal rest, O Lord and may grace perpetual light shine on them who have sinned. And may the just  and the penitent receive your blessing and your favor.

Kyrie Lord have mercy on us. Christ have mercy on us. Lord have mercy on the day of wrath wherine will dissolve the earth in ashes as David and the Sibyl bear witness.

Dies Irae Oh how men will tremble and grow pale, When Justice comes with sword and scale to weigh the faults and sort the fates of all!

Tuba mirum Let the trumpet ring a wonderous sound, let the angels sing your word renown.

Tuba Mirum Let the timberels ring throughout the earth bringing all before by throne.  Let none try to escape death or think say I am wolf and will devour the lambs.  Oh shepherd of the flocks here my prayer that men might learn they ways and depart from wickedness.  Death is not struck down for the wicked who say, “I shall consume everything that is good and defy God.”

Thus sayeth the Lord thrice and sevenfold more even today, “I shall not suffer men to liver forever and have shortened their years even in these days when they worshipped satan and murdered the children while destroying the works of thy hands and the works of angels. For they have been liars and murderers from the begining and their end is in sheol.

And then he continues: Nature quakes, and all creation awakes to make an answer to its Judge.  And in the bible, exactly worded, every deed of mankind is recorded, and thence shall judgement be awarded. And When the Judge has taken His seat, and every hidden deed is revealed, nothing will be left unpunished.

Mozart wrote,

What shall I, a weak man, be pleading, who shall intercede for me when the just themselves need mercy?

Rex Tremendae King of tremendous majesty, Who sends us free salvation, save, Fount of pity.

Recordare Recall, sweet Jesus, ’twas my salvation brought about Thy Incarnation, abandon me not to reprobation.

Faint and weary hast Thou sought me, on Thy cross of pain hast brought me, let Thy suffering be not in vain. Final Judge of Justice, Lord grant Thy absolution before the day of retribution.

Guilty, now I pour my moaning, all my shame an anguish owning spare, O God, Thy suppliant groaning. Thou the sinful woman savedst; Thou the dying their forgavest; and to me a hope vouch-safest.

Worthless are my prayers and sighing; yet, good Lord, in grace complying, rescue me from fires undying.

With Thy favoured sheep, O place me, nor among the goats abase me, but to Thy right hand upraise me.

Confutatis  While the wicked are confounded, assigned to flames of woe unending, Call me with Thy saints surrounded. Low I kneel, with heart submission; see, like ashes, my contrition; help me in my last condition.

Lacrimosa  Oh, that day of tears and weeping, when, from dust of earth returning, man must prepare for judgement.

Spare, O God, in mercy spare him!

Lord all pitying, Jesu blest, grant them Thine eternal rest. Amen.

Domine Jesu Lord Jesus Christ, King of Glory, deliver the souls of the faithful dead from punishment of Hell and from the bottomless pit; deliver them from the mouth of the lion; nor suffer the fiery lake to swallow them up, nor endless darkness to enshroud them

But let Thy holy standardbearer Michael lead them to the sacred light, as once Thou promised to Abraham and his children.

Hostia We offer Thee, O Lord, our prayers and sacrifices of praise: accept them for those souls whom this day we comrnemorate: let them pass, Lord, from death into life, as once Thou promised to Abraham and his children.

Sanctus Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God of Hosts. Heaven and earth are full of Thy glory. Hosanna in the highest.

Benedictus Blessed is He who cometh in the name of the Lord. Hosanna in the highest! Agnus Dei Lamb of God, that taketh away the sins of the world, grant them rest everlasting.

May eternal light shine upon them, O Lord; with thy Saints forever, for Thou art merciful. Eternal rest grant unto them. O Lord, and let perpectual light shine upon them.  – 

Many things are considered in prayer. My God be thanked for new life and for reincarnation.  May God be thanked for the ressurection of a soul that has died and whose spirit will be ressurected to live again and try once more meeting in their journey new friends and new people forever growing in the ways of God.   JCANGELRAFT



Love all hopes all things, believes all things and heals all things.  Love never fails and believes the best in all people struggling to live in a world of darkness and light.

It is written love your enemies so God may fight your enemies on your behalf keeping you pure and spiritually grounded and your soul open to the light.

You can also avoid your enemies and you do not even have to pray for them so it can be said that God is just and not burdensom – JCANGELCRAFT



A good part of my life is spent looking and musing on beauty. There are many types of beauty in our world but nothing more graceful than the beauty of women and nothing more profound than the beauty within a human soul.  I look to pictures of the present and the past those whose memories last and ones that remain in our minds and hearts the pictures and videos of our dreams, our goals and Ideals that for me are far removed from the things every day life.

In the summer’s hot sun I labor in the coolness of an office and sometimes from my bedroom a place from where many people who have that luxury can sometimes work.   Hardly a wink I sleep sometimes while inside my favorite part of the day the place where I relax most.

Bedrooms should be places of relaxation even if one has to work.  Homes are no different and for me a home should be as spacious as possible depending how many people live in the space. For me a living space, like a home, needs to weave its way into your eyes and fill you with the same creative energy that it took to build and create that space.

A home is no different.  For me a home should be inviting to one’s own eye and possessing of all the colors and patterns that sooth you the most in all your living areas. For me a woman’s body is also home and making sure she is dressed to my liking also makes life much more comfortable.

But life is more than just a spash of color.  Life is about words and a measure of script daily makes the heart glad.  Life is a bounty of pleasure that can only be achieved by mutinity that fights through the mundane.  –  JC Angelcraft




Aug. 23 2017 Ranch Resorts are very popular in various countries and the better ones by word of mouth are known by their reputations for good service, great activities and good accommodations

The cowboy & rancher lifestyle has grown to be a great business in various parts of the world and is as much as a spiritual retreat as it is a getaway from the ordeals of everyday life.

Ranch Resorts are used by people for dieting to lose weight.  Some include exercise areas, saunas and spas and some even offer ranch duties and farm chores for you to do as if you lived there.  Just imagine yourself milking cows or feeding the chickens and it will be so.

Most people do not go on vacation to work, but there are some that do and whether you work, play or a little bit of both, you can refresh your spirits and get your priorities in life straight by vacationing in a ranch resort.

Anything and everything is possible at a Ranch Resort which always have landscape and little surprises around every corner for those that dare to explore the great outdoors.  And when you do,  if you run across a snake, make sure not to handle it. Leave the snakes to the Luis Vuitton expert snake handlers who know what to do with them.

The fact is you never know whats going to happen at a Ranch Resort or who you are going to meet.  You could even meet someone or maybe even fall in love again with nature.   Famous people go to Ranch Resorts so you never know who you are going to run into.


The world famous super-model Taylor Marie Hill was discovered when she was 14 while horseback riding something people do when they go to Ranch Resorts and Spas or Cowgirl-Ranches.

……Cowgirl Ranches?

Now that’s a new phrase for me even for the worldly man that I am.

Like Ranch Resorts, Cowgirl Retreats must offer great horseback riding activities and an opportunity to enhance and even change your life.  If they didn’t why would they exist?

There, now the world seems a bit more balanced.

If you like dancing you can retreat to a ranch resort   where you get to do things together like square dancing like they used to do in the old days and some offer mechanical bulls for you to ride, but which ones I don’t know off-hand, but I’m sure if you search hard enough you can find a mechanical bull.

Ranch resorts and retreats are known for their diversity and restorative effects on the soul mind,body and spirit.  Then there’s your wallet to consider depending on the package you choose with your travel agent


Ranch Resort Vacations are the  kind of vacations that are highly sought by some more than others and like any vacation-spots they are places you – yourself need to investigate before buying and it’s always best to work with a highly reputable travel agent in their great highly reputable offices after speaking with them on a highly reputable phone phone on any Luis Vuitton Day.

Make sure to cover all your bases with a travel agent in the area of where you want to visit and ask them for some friendly advice and do as much footwork yourself untill you feel comfortable with the agents advice and your buying decision.

It is by helping each other that we come to better know our world and fulfilling our vacation needs which are as diverse and as eclectic as we our in our persons.  JCANGELCRAFT





This of course reminds me of several girls in my life but not more than one who sleeps on her tummy who with wisdom, I would give her my heart once again even as a friend.

With that said and my hopes for friendship still carried in my heart, todays topic is life & luggage.

Oh joy! you might say.  I hear ya.  Many people do not pay attention to luggage, but luggage is a very important part of life.

I go through luggage like I go through life, generously.  And because of tender hearts in my closet at the beach there is never enough luggage to go around.  Even my mom takes my luggage.  What else are friends and moms for?

Despite my generosity, I still find myself today lacking for a better luggage sense of mind and find myself always buying luggage as needed, but be patient, the Holy Spirit is still working with me

What is important is that in business I take luggage very seriously and we are in the process of reviving luggage once again as an important part of every day life.

I am influenced by people in history who took luggage very seriously like Louis Vuitton and H.J. Cave & Sons, a London-based leather luxury goods company founded in 1839 and regarded as the inspiration for modern luggage concepts.

Then there is Samsonite and various other labels that also take this business very seriously, as business should be taken and some companies go to extreme lengths believing people should feel good about their luggage and I like that.

When I think how important transcontinental travel is,  I think about luggage.  I think about luggage durability, waterproofing, stability and even styling.

I love trains and despite our advances in modern aviation, I see a great, wonderful and romantic future in travel by train and more affordable cabins so people can truly enjoy a cross-country trip in style something few people get to experience and having appropriate luggage will be the icing on the cake for any travelers’ cross-country train trip.

When traveling large distances on trains, planes, buses or automobiles, luggage details in travel are always a very important part to every trip we make in of our lives.

And if you ever lived out of your suitcase like me you know the importance of luggage and filing a baggage insurance claim when you luggage gets stolen.

C’est la vie

Next to Louis Vuitton in the designer luggage category are many companies but Mark Cross 1845 drew my attention first to designer luggage in 1980’s buying of all things their cologne.   

Mark. W. Cross & Co. was founded in 1845 in Boston, Massachusetts starting as a purveyor of carriage saddles and harnesses.

With time the house became known simply as Mark Cross and as time progressed they opened shops in New York and London and not yet known for luggage, rather they were importers and exporters of fine products aside from their basic business practices.

Mark Cross expansion overseas translated to first-time access to luxuries yet unknown to the American market. Beyond leather goods,  Mark Cross indulged in the finest china, crystal and other delights exporting them from abroad to the United States and became known as a company with exquisite taste.

In 1921 Mark Cross entered the market at Paris, France, like never before ushering in the roaring twenties and bringing to paris their unique style and personality and shipping back to America the finest Paris had to offer.

In the 30’s and 40’s the company entered into many lives during history most notably Ernest Hemingway, Pablo Picasso, Cole Porter and Fitzgerald family all who fell in love with all things Mark Cross 1845.

In 1934, Mark Cross expanded its offerings to include luggage, cigarette cases, jeweled evening bags, some of which were a collaboration with Seamen Schepps 1904.

In 1961 Mark Cross exchanged hands and in 1964 I was born.  17 years later  I fell in love with Mark Cross mens cologne and Carrera sunglass at a hundred dollars a pop before lost touch with Mark Cross which subsequently closed its doors in the 1990s.

The Horror to think of South Coast plaza without Mark Cross 1845 for their scent alone was truly unique and could be found no other place.  Thank God for FENDI a more than acceptable alternative.

I look forward again to giving men and women a taste of Mark Cross elegance, an aroma so rare and unique that I am surprised the company folded and its scent hard to find even since its reopening.

In 2011, Mark Cross had snuck back into the limelight and the Mark Cross Men’s collection, was introduced in Spring 2014,  a collection that combines vintage luxury with a new vision of sleek sophistication.

Both the Women’s and Men’s Mark Cross collections are inspired by the brand’s rich heritage, dedication to fine craftsmanship and use of the finest leathers in the world.

I look forward to incorporating Mark Cross into a greater fashion presence and competitive once again the luggage business.




JC then looks at a Louis Vuitton watch then a CHANEL watch on yet another Louis Vuitton day one day before July 4, still celebrated as another Luis Vuitton day in other parts of the world.

Wondering the time and the hour,  JC looks at his wrist and still it has no watch on it.

He turns to his favorite videos – VOGUES’ ELLE FANNING video the one where she gently squeezes the bunny.   Then JC looks back to TAYLOR HILL’S commercial and smiles when Taylor responsibly shows her dog’s service tag.

This is going to be a beautiful day he says to himself then turns his mind to NFL’s hardest hitters and finds a perfect metaphor that also works to remind people about the importance of protecting young children in sports as well as animals.

SO THEN I GO ABOUT MY DAILY AFFAIRS HAPPY AS A LARK LIVING IN A WORLD WHERE THE WOMEN ARE WOMEN AND THE MEN ARE MEN, BUT THEN…..I check to see what or who my next project is as children and adults still need more protecting, rescuing & saving

Thumbing though the world of literacy in various contexts, I still find upon the most disturbing of events,  the promoting of bananas in strawberryland and I hate that.

It is one thing to be kind to a banana but it is altogether a whole different thing to plant or even grow a banana where a banana does not belong.

This of course in most cases was not the bananas fault.  But its got to be someones fault and it’s certainly not Mr. Owl’s fault.

Earth is a paradise for all life including fruits and vegetables & drugs and the toll they have taken on the thoughts of mortal men most prone to their dangers who support the promotion of ideals and Fantasy that are not healthy.

The only solution I can think of for Bananas is that they find protection solace and love in gardens lest they offend Mr Owl and Mr owl’s sons who indulge in strawberries and not bananas and the last thing they want to see is another set of religious banana-secret-societies and agendas being imposed on them through deceit.

Most transgenders are kind nice people and keep to themselves.

Nobody is going to hurt, if we stop promoting them and we should.  But if anyone  is going to have the greatest effect on this small problem it’s going to be them.

If anyone is going to stop this quickly and stand up its going have to be them, the transgender person.

Transgenders have to directly protest men and women who promote them.

The world coming out of homosexual crises a mason holocaust a world with weird men in suits and ties and white shirts deceived us all and it was these men and their wizardry, their geneticist, and their psychological warfare who started this transgender craze.

A highly illegal obama YouTube account last I saw associated itself with transgenders with guns inciting hate for young transgenders.

It avoided the issue of who truly is responsible for transgenders in this world.

Though transgender articles and videos are still present in the mass media of the former male dominated white supremacist homosexual world, they are now figures of compassion.

Transgenders however should be left alone and left out of the news.  People need to stop writing about them.

There are plenty of Jobs for them in the normal world and much compassion for them.  There are agencies and people who make sure they have work, education, job training with few limits as to what they can achieve in world barely coming out of holocaust.

However promoting transgender news is NOT having compassion, rather promoting transgender news is anti-social and an act of agression towards society at large .

Transgenders upset many people especially when they do not keep to themselves about this most delecate issue.   There were mainstream full length motion pictures such as “the Crying Game” made about them that deeply disturbed many people including myself who felt deeply the betrayal associated with my trust in film and people.  

By promoting transgender, people are setting these souls up for a great and rude awakening in real NON – TRANSGENDER world filled with angry men who de not like to be deceived or mocked by Transgenders or Homosexual men.

My advice is Transgenders should refuse all publicity

When they file complaints, they should be aware that I myself police white supremacy.

When they try to sue for money, motive and their associates play a big role in the outcome.

I am behind every legal manuever by people who try to sue for money.

White supremacists-socialists-democracy republican communist anarchists are ruthless and will work every angle to sue for money.

If through transgenders or anyone else White supremacists will use for the greatest and most diabolical of criminal actions, even killing transgenders.

Since WWII NAZI’s moved from Germany and are now scattered all over the world and today speak many different languages.  They pretend to empathize with any cause that will get them money.

Now aside from the problems we have in society with fake men and their fake wives in many cultures, I remain unfettered, but political transgenderism and political homosexuality is a big problem.

I console myself and say to myself that as long as transgender – like gays – follow the law, remain peaceful and non-political and do not look to become superstars,  then I can live with mankinds’ past mistakes as reflected in this small segment of society.

But one thing I cannot live with in any of my media companies is their promotion and their celebration.

Celebrating or promoting a political homosexual or transgender agenda is just plain wrong as peoples’ sexuality and sexual drives and lives should not be politicized.

Nor should any stories of transgender homosexuals and their white supremacy experience be spread or forced on society through mass media.

I am well aware of the psychological implications of men choosing to dress like women as well as those that transgenders face.

Transgender or male homosexuality should not be made  standard and it has never been a standard.

Thank God we won the drug war.

Now the war is to keep children safe from these areas discussed in this article and give them a chance to grow up in a normal world without having to be inundated with all these issues in any media venue.

Now the war for your hearts and minds and to help society find the right balance continues

News would make people think Transgender is occurring in a greater percent of the population than what it actually does as even the presence of a thousands or more articles in mainstream media would assume to represent a population of at least a million or more

However, Less than .000000001% of this worlds population is transgender but this can still add up to hundreds of people or slightly more.

I assure everyone that as long as we obey this worlds laws, tell the truth,  live respectfully, avoid occult religions, occult religious practices, be sober-minded, honest  and do not seek fame or political office or riches by immoral means, everyone will be ok.

This said, I ask all my editors in all media in all venues around the world to stop their transgender activities and promotion of homosexuals and imposing them on society

In the end the people who disregarded my advice will be lessons whereby others who take their place will save their own careers.

I also ask all people to stop the conspiracy of lies and stop writing and talking about and facilitating news about Donald Trump & Obama as these men and their equivalents were responsible for keeping society from learning the truth about secret societies, mostly their Mason white supremacy secret society.

This request is requested for the safety of humans regardless of their sexual orientation.

This request is to help you heal and understand the severity of promoting bad political men and their agendas.

The men who take their places after justice is had are still determined to start-up again the mason white supremacy death machine and monster a socialist communist democracy republican right-wing para military conservative network.

These so-called self-styled conservatives and closet Liberals are responsible for the deaths of millions of children, and millions of men and women separate and apart from the lives who perished in World War II to fight this great evil.

And though many stopped after World War II to think about the NAZIS, they never stopped being lovers of the occult, torture and wizard politicians dedicated to world domination.

These last 50 years the NAZIs managed to disciple the United Nations into believing NAZI-ism was dead.

NAZIism is not dead and it has not stopped and NAZIism has spread like a virus throughout the whole world since World War II.

Today NAZIsm lives under the guise of a supposed generic less threatening white supremacy.

Still even of the men of today are trying their hardest even now to find ways to exterminate life and will even go as far as trying to ruin the lives and repuations of good honest hard working white to force their support.

They do the same to people and people from around the world.   We may not all look the same on the outside, but on the inside we who struggle against this group that looks far bigger than what they are, are very much alike




In 1933, Harper’s Bazaar editor-in-chief Carmel Snow formerly of Vogue brought photojournalist Martin Munkacsito to a windswept beach to photograph her swimwear spread.

As the model ran toward the camera, Munkacsi took a picture of a woman that made fashion-magazine history like so many do giving Snow even greater credibility.

Until that moment, nearly all fashion was carefully staged on mannequin-like models in a studio something the Industry has not moved away from.

In life Mrs Snow possessed a buoyant spirit but she rarely slept or ate something not conducive to creative processes.   However, it was Snow’s great sense of adventure that brought life to the pages of Bazaar.


Part of her genius came from cultivating the “best” of people” in an industry still struggling for respect between wars against powers whose definition of “the best of people” would have seen her and those she loved inside a concentration camp if given the chance.

Another big find of hers was art director Alexey Brodovitch who endured the humiliation of 14 canceled interviews before finally being hired.  Snow must have been busy,  but surely made it a point to interview and hire Brodovitch herself.

Snow also unleashed the force of nature known as Diana Vreeland who once said,

“Unshined shoes are the end of civilization.”

In 1936 Snow brought on future fashion icon a young Diana Vreeland as a fashion consultant.   The collaboration proved successful.

Snow was born at Dalkey in Ireland and was the daughter of Peter White, the head of the Irish Wool Manufacturing and Export Company.

Her mother was the Annie Mayne.

Carmel had several siblings, including Victor White, a painter who decorated the Roof Ballroom of the St. Regis Hotel.

Her sister Christine (White) Holbrook became the boss at Better Homes and Gardens.

Snow’s three brothers were Thomas Justin White, Peter Desmond White and James Mayne White.

During the roaring 20’s Carmel married prominent society lawyer, George Palen Snow in 1926 and had three daughters—Carmel, Mary Palen, and Brigid.