Ticket 011020180807 Musings and ponderings about the ups and downs of life

We continue in our separation from masonry and many good souls are writing and composing great works of art.

Deep inside the soul of every angel is a great writer and an eagle who wants to soar.

From deep inside the soul of angel there is a fish who wants to swim, a teacher who wants to teach and a scientist who wants to learn.

From deep inside every person on this earth, there is a desire for a better life and for answers to sometimes difficult questions.

Inside every angel is an adventurer, an athlete, an activist, an educator and a governor,

Inside the souls of the poorest and least educated of angels lives a great spirit capable of great things in each life they live.

I see so many things deep inside the angels but nothing greater than the living spirit bestowed on them that makes their eyes bright and their faces smile.

Not every angel can overcome the sins of other men that made them sick.

The Angels do not understand this because of Godless medicine and Godless doctors.

Not every angel understands that God is perfect despite a very imperfect world and despite many imperfect doctors.

Not every angel understands that we are responsible for our sicknesses those incurable diseases than mankind has inflicted on the human race through maliciousness and bad will as well as experimentation.

Every inherited Gene that through sin has been displaced inside humans left alone allowed to reproduce to fail in most cases to properly account for it, especially to a patient.

And though we may not be directly responsible for genetic defects, we should make it a priority to be more thoughtful to our patients.

The afflicted angel should be consoled in the fact we have more chances and a whole eternity ahead of us just waiting.

I work and have worked with many people some who have very serious illnesses and people who can barely move.

This theme is perhaps the most challenging for me.

And I share in common the same mockery that despite all the miracles worked by Jesus right up to his death on the cross, his critics said the same things mine do.  ‘

‘Use your powers”  ”I do.”

Thank God for the wisdom to deal with these things and for the courage to face life despite living in such an imperfect world.

JC Angelcraft @ Paris