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Chanel de Paris JC Angelcraft Sept 14, 2020.  The very first stage production that I tried out for was in one of California’s most highly acclaimed drama and theater programs directed by Howard Cussareau Hass the kind of man who could work anywhere he wanted.  Up to this point in my life of the football star and an athlete who read the Bible and when to church and knew nothing about the muse.  I grew up in chorus after chorus year after year and never a drop about the muse.  I had to learn of the muse all over again and the hard way.  I used to think that a muse was like a fairy that whispered in your ear .  Like tinker bell.  Now I have come to know and learn about our muse all over again and its like old times.  I know now what things work and do not work in fashion or show businesses. Our muse is special because she is everywhere and in everything and sometimes the blessing is inside our own eyes and is a very personal blessing. She is the final touch and details of all creativity. She is a measure of power that we call the blessing.  The muse of Music is so poorly used inn fashion.  Let us start again with some lyrics and music  


And now the purple dusk of twilight time
Steals across the meadows of my heart
High up in the sky the little stars climb
Always reminding me that we’re apart
You wandered down the lane and far away
Leaving me a song that will not die
Love is now the stardust of yesterday
The music of the years gone by
Sometimes I wonder how I spend
The lonely night
Dreaming of a song
The melody haunts my reverie
And I am once again with you
When our love was new
And each kiss an inspiration
But that was long ago
And now my consolation
Is in the stardust…

Never mind who wrote it. Think about the muse. This the sentimental side of our muse.  Our muse is personable and not some ethereal power out there like an oblivious source of energy waiting to be formed, rather the muse is an energy that waits to give form to your work.  Music, fashion and the art gets done without prayer, but it is prayer that completes a person’s life and prayer that makes a difference in business, especially in a fair market and the market in high fashion will be fair again.  High fashion has not been a fair market for a long time.  Now its support, the freemason, communist socialist atheist conspiracy has been judged and is being judged.  These men reflected their conspiracy in high fashion and pretended their immorality to be universal.  Time for fairness has come again.  The musical muse of a song is a muse that has already woven its beauty in the life of person but we can still benefit of other people’s experiences with the muse.  Try making clothes or even pottery to “Stardust” or create your own playlist and discover the muse of a particular song and you will learn it is the same muse.  You see when the muse impacts a life, people are often drawn to that life.  The muse meaning the muse that was intended for the life of the musician or signer can have lasting effects on our own lives.  When the siren sings it is about sharing their muse with us.

In fashion the muse is supposed to help men with women and women with men.  Our muse has many purposes.  Fashion Week is upon us. Beautiful gorgeous women blessing our eyes with pouty lips and faces like little girls in need of daddy’s attention and affections.  What more could we men ask for in this world?  Looking at fashion magazines I notice that Vanity Fair‘s lineup seems at times to bring out the best in the designers. It has to be the muse that draws our attention and helps us to see the beauty inside such common meaningless things as a magazine that help to employ people.  Ultimately business is about economy and so we need the muse to help us because the morals of the fashion industry certainly are not.  In fashion each magazine has its muse, a measure of power, whose words detract or add meaning to its industry.  It is what we do in life that make our magazines more or less successful.  Such are the ways of the muse. In the absence of talent and the blessing a muse is  someone or something who lights a spark and get things moving.  Then what? A muse is special. When Audrey Hepburn met Hubert Givenchy it was special moment. Audrey Hepburn was everyone’s first choice, she was that specialness that Givenchy needed.  Everyone needs someone or something special to muse with them in their lives.

Then there is the team of Millicent Rogers and Charles James. Millicent certainly fit the gorgeous, skinny, somber requirement, but she was more than another Ideal women who made shine James’s fashions.  Millicent’s own taste and style often directed and invariably influenced the designers she worked with. Millicent pushed James to create what she wanted and perhaps was the cause of his success and the reason their relationship produced such great fashion sense. Their relationship began in 1930 when Millicent went to London with a group of friends to see a talked-about young designer named Charles James.  They say that Millicent’s name became paired with his at the height of his fame when she functioned as both his patron and muse.  But a good designer should need no human muse, unless it’s the spirit of woman in the flesh which is a whole different proposal.   That is why our muse is so special.  But let us say we are atheists, atheist need people. Atheist do not believe in muses yet they benefit the world of the Holy Spirit and after the while they find themselves looking at people to be inspired by when a whole Universe of possibilities exist for them if only they tried.

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Let us talk about real atheist who pretend to be atheist and there are lot of them. The pretend atheists are not successful people. It takes an entire army of atheist to make one atheist successful.   Real atheist are often targets for satanists who see a strange light gleaming from the atheist and wish to understand more about where this light comes from.  Satanists have different kinds of muses that you do not want to know about.  Our muse is a measure of power from God’s Holy Spirit and more complete to those whom who have a relationship with God.  Is not that what you all really want?  The full blessing from the muse?

Charles James experienced the touch of the muse.   In the quickly changing world of twenty-first century fashion, it is hard to imagine the influence that a few key and highly respected fashion designers wielded in their time.   It was the confidence they gained from achieving success. It is hard to imagine that Fashion be successful without some sort of blessing from our blessed tender Holy Spirit.  Many experience success, but few credit the Holy Spirit from whom proceeds the textiles, materials fabrics and flowers and nature which produces the scented oils we love so much.  To keep our minds on beauty and color from pitty and compassion our muse weaves in and out of a fashion world making sure God’s favor is seen in one or more designers through the collective of efforts of people dedicated to peace and beauty. The fashion business would not exist if not for God. God, people and the human spirit are what keep alive designer brands.

 After World War II, fashion became even more important  and Charles James was back then considered a giant, an innovator on the tip of every fashionable woman’s tongue in the forties and fifties.  His sculpted party dresses created in lavish fabrics and inventive colors was his signature.  His coats and capes trimmed with fur and embroidery also left their mark in fashion history but where is his work today?  Does anyone even care anymore?  I amazed how desperately pretend atheist want the muse when they barely care about each other.  Still the work of their hands is undeniable a measure of power.   Many names from Charles James’s era are still around and his name is still around but his label has yet again to make a come back and the label has to confront Carolina Herrera and Oscar de la Renta and shoot directly for the top and nothing less will do with a name and reputation that has already seen great success.  However, his muse does not carry over so pirates will have to resurrect one using all their atheist powers.  Arrogance is the muse of pretend atheists and it does not always translate into dollars.

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It has also been noted that James was one of the oddest and most difficult personalities in the legends of fashion history.  Men of genius are often difficult.  I am difficult. Audrey was difficult.  However difficult men and women also inspire critics often to say things in compliment as if they knew what they were talking about.  There’s a cave muse in last phrase but the atheist would retract their statement because they are pretend atheist and false do not recognize the genius even in their own prose to use them to their full extent.  There is another cave muse.  Cave muses can come in handy. Charles James I am sure had many muse moments inside the cave of his own understanding. One reviewer called him “kissed by the furies.”    God forbid. That is like being tapped by fates and drawn into a whirlwind relationship only later be dropped into some fashion folder and forgotten by the very people you helped rise to the top.  Despite all in the life of this kind and peaceful man there was Millicent Rogers  who tamed James with her matchless manner; soothing, demanding and yet flattering style and way about her.   She always got what she asked for.  A good woman always does and their relationship was considered one of the most famous and fruitful designer-client collaborations in American fashion history.   Her tender kiss upon his work is what kept him going.

Oh him Cherri Burns wrote, “His first design for her was a nightgown, a “deshabille” of white and rose organdy trimmed with lace and biscuit colored ribbons when she was hospitalized with a bout of her recurring heart ailment. Instinctively he understood style and finery as a tonic for her morale. ” 

In all James created more than 45 original designs for Millicent, and her financial patronage was essential to his business success in the late 1940s.  Millicent was the prototype modern woman.  James passed away in 1978. During his life as Charles James shared much with his wife Nancy who  explained, “Millicent Rogers inspired him more than anyone and that he felt that Millicent could help him to resolve a design when he wasn’t certain how to finish it.”   James was direct in his own admiration of Millicent and wrote to her in one letter writing,  “…when you came into my house everyone at once knew what they were to do, and how to do it. And that special quality of bringing out people’s work at its best was what gave you a special rating.”   James’s crediting and kind and specially tender words of Millicent is what today has today brought his memory back and to the pages of JC Angelcraft Paris. We need more kind words about each other and less jealously.  At least that’s the  way I  see things. JC Angelcraft