Come into the future where everybody and anybody can look you up by your professional resume anexed to your professional Blog so you do not have to print out a bunch a copies for your prospective employers.

JC Angelcraft is the proud owner of WordPress …start your free WordPress blog today and write about the good things of this world! We suggest 3 blogs for students.

  1. A creative blog to find your expression.
  2. An educational blog to diary your academic life
  3. A working curriculum vitae blog so when you graduate and start looking for work all you have to do is print it out.
  4. Remember to write intelligently and express yourself in each blog and make as many or as few blogs as you need to, but be resourceful and learn how to use WordPress.

WordPress Customer Service Phone Number States of America: Automattic Inc., 132 Hawthorne Street, San Francisco, CA 94107, United States of America.