Literacy: In begining we knew only that part from which we came – JC Angelcraft on the The Silmarillion-

…But for a long while they sang only each alone, or but few together, while the rest hearkened; for each (soul a little angel) comprehended only that part of the mind of Ilu´vatar (God) from which he (or she) came……  The Silmarillion-

….and after the end of an eon the ring of power was lost and a Hobit found the ring and it extended his life disfiguring him and making him its slave.  Then a darkness came over the world.  Evil had again surfaced looking for the ring.  In the country, another Hobbit was found the Hobbit of promise who was chosen to destroy the ring of power, but there was war in heaven and the prophets were called wizards by the evil ones.

Orcs walked the earth, demons abuducted and tore flesh from their victims with their teath.  And the world came together and the elven race were called for help and there was war in haven.  Prose by JC Angelcraft

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The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkian @ JCANGELCRAFT PARIS 


The Lord Of The Rings 1-The Fellowship Of The Ring – By J R R Tolkien @ JCANGELCRAFT PARIS

The Lord Of The Rings 2-The Two Towers – By J R R Tolkien @ JCANGELCRAFT PARIS

The Lord Of The Rings 3-The Return Of The King – By J R R Tolkien @ JCANGELCRAFT PARIS

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The Silmarillion is a collection of mythopoeic works by English writer J. R. R. Tolkien forming the preface to an extensive narrative that describes the universe of Eä in which are found the lands of Valinor, Beleriand, Númenor, and Middle-earth within which The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings take place.

The Silmarillion was originally rejected by the publisher without fully reading it who published only those Tolkien books which he and his table liked.  No public opinion was taken and these preceding books vital to the understanding of the great landscape in which the books take place.

The Silmarillion comprises five parts. The first part, Ainulindalë, tells of the creation of Eä, the “world that is”.

Valaquenta, the second part, gives a description of the Valar and Maiar, the supernatural powers in Eä understood to be the masculine and feminine powers of the Holy Spirit from which all power derives.

The next section, Quenta Silmarillion, forms the bulk of the collection and chronicles the history of the events before and during the First Age, including the wars over the Silmarils that gave the book its title.

The fourth part, Akallabêth, relates the history of the Downfall of Númenor and its people, which takes place in the Second Age.

The final part, Of the Rings of Power and the Third Age, is a brief account of the circumstances which led to and were presented in The Lord of the Rings. The five parts were initially separate works, but it was the elder Tolkien’s express wish that they be published together.

Because J. R. R. Tolkien died before he finished revising the various legends who for many fans and readers do not need any more revising.

Before reading the series the lord of rings prayerfully I researched and learned of the books preceding the Lord of Rings some who say were left unfinished by Tolkien then finished by his son.

“The Silmarillion” is a book about creation written by JR Tolkien and technically the first book in the series. It was a book that was part of my awakening and led me write my own creation story that needs to be edited as it is fictitious like”The Silmarillion” a book where God speaks in the void of space and through music begins to create very different from my ideas, but similar in concept, creation by music.”The Silmarillion” comprises the first of several books that make up the Lord Rings series a great legend about the battle between good and evil .

I read the series using music from Windham Hill’s Various Artists and not the soundtrack from any version of the Lord of Rings. The version of music I used is blessed of God and without it, I never would have read this most incredible series so very different from the movie experience. 

I recommend caution and parental guidance when seeing the movies and even reading series as they do contain allusions to wizardry with exception of the Hobbit who performs no magic and is the only Hobbit that is through the series like a – Golden Hobbit – a Hobbit of Great Promise -chosen to destroy the ring of power in the manner indicated by God something that is understood in the series.  JC Angelcraft

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